Can Composite Decking Kits Hold A Hot Tub?

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The composite decking kits are strong enough to be used under or around a hot tub. Installing a hot tub on an outdoor deck is a great outdoor project. Unifloor composite decking kits are highly water-resistant and low maintenance, making them ideal for carrying a hot tub. You can enjoy your time outdoors with peace of mind instead of worrying about how difficult it will be to take care of your deck.

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Important considerations

The type and weight of the hot tub

Types of hot tubs: These include the two types that are built into the deck or placed directly on the deck. Hot tubs are easier to add to existing decks, and this is the choice of more people. At this point, the capacity of the deck needs to be considered.

Weight of the hot tub: The weight that the wood-plastic composite deck needs to carry includes the weight of the tub, the weight of the water, and the weight of the person.

The weight and size of the tub vary by brand and size.

1 gallon of water = 8.34 pounds

The average weight of a person = is 185 pounds

There is a formula for calculating the weight the deck needs to hold

[Weight of Hot Tub + (Number of Gallons of Water x 8.34 lbs) + (Number of People Spa Can Seat x 185 lbs)] / # of Square Feet = Pounds Per Square Foot

In most cases, a structural engineer can be consulted.

The weight-bearing capacity of composite decking kits

Generally speaking, most decks can withstand 100 pounds per square foot. Therefore, if the hot tub is below that weight, the average deck should be able to support it. The exact value varies by brand and specification.

The stable bottom structure of the composite decking kits

It is worth mentioning that the load-bearing problem of the composite decking kits is actually the load-bearing problem of the supporting structure under the deck. Therefore, it is important to consider not only the load-bearing capacity of the floor but also the stability of the joists and base supporting the deck.

When installing a hot tub, you will need to hire a licensed professional to do the installation. When selecting a location for your hot tub, you need to consider the following things.

1. A sturdy, flat surface is the ideal location for a hot tub.

2. Preserve enough space around it. It is easy to remove/cover the lid; enter and exit the hot tub and perform maintenance on the hot tub.

3. The height of the hot tub. The hot tub should be flush with or 16 to 18 inches above the deck surface to allow users to jump in and out easily.

4. Try not to place it under a tree. Avoid falling leaves to increase the difficulty of maintenance and use experience.

5. Place the hot tub close to the wall of the house or in a corner location for some extra privacy and to block some wind in cold weather.

6. Consider installing a privacy composite fence or composite pergola to provide more privacy for yourself.

Other matters needing attention: promptly sweep the deck or wash the wood-plastic composite deck with soapy water to avoid the accumulation of fallen leaves on the surface of the deck to breed mold to make the deck slippery and increase the risk of slipping.

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