Composite Decking Capped - Capped 360 Degrees For Longer Preserve


Capped composite decking, also called WPC capped decking or co-extrusion WPC decking. The capped composite decking boards are made using the latest technology in the composite decking industry. It extrudes multiple layers of composite wood simultaneously, so also called “capped” or “cover” decking. It is best in weather resistance, hardness, natural appearance, and wear assistance. Natural surface and stable quality make co-extrusion decking become more and more popular.

Co-extrusion technology encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer to prevent it from daily damage and meets its mechanical requirements. Extruding the shield and core simultaneously avoids adhesives or harmful chemicals. With high performance and moisture-resistance polymer, capped composite decking is totally free of stains and moisture. It combines the advantages of wood and plastic and reduces repetitive maintenance. It is much easier to install with a full series of accessories from Unifloor.

China Leading CAPPED COMPOSITE DECKING Manufacturer & Supplier

UNIFLOOR is the leading capped composite decking manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide high-quality capped composite decking at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our capped composite decking is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price.

Co Extrusion Decking
Co Extrusion Decking1
Co Extrusion Decking3

Unifloor 2nd generation composite decking is durable, waterproof, and fire-retardant. Our capped WPC decking won’t deform or decay in various weather conditions, including frigid temperature, intense sunlight, rain and snow, etc. Capped composite decking offers 360 degree protection against the severe environment and daily use. Unifloor co-extrusion WPC decking has a long service life of 20~25 years.

Our capped composite decking is available in 8 attractive colors, and also can be customized.









150mm Wpc Decking (8)

capped composite decking Factory Wholesale Price


Capped Composite Decking Panels

Capped Composite Decking - UFD018

  • Solid WPC Decking
  • Co-extrusion Technology
  • Anti-slip finish
  • sanded
  • length: 2.4/3.6m/4m or customized
  • Size: 150*25mm
  • Capped Composite Decking – CO140H24S

  • Circle hole light weight design, easiy to install
  • Co-extrusion Technology
  • length: 2.4/3.6m/4m or customized
  • Size: 140*22mm
  • Hollow Capped Decking - CO140H23S(6 holes)

  • Circle hole light weight design, easiy to install
  • Co-extrusion technology, UV resistant capping
  • length: 2.4/4m or customized
  • Size: 140*23mm
  • Hollow Capped Decking - CO140H23S (7 holes)

  • Circle hole light weight design, easiy to install
  • Co-extrusion technology, UV resistant capping
  • length: 2.4/4m or customized
  • Size: 140*23mm
  • Diy Capped Composite Decking – CO300W

  • Co-extrusion Technology
  • Size: 300×300×22mm
  • Capped Composite Decking – CO140H24S

  • Co-extrusion Technology
  • Size: 300×300×22mm
  • 2st Generation Composite Decking - Capped Composite Decking Product Details


    Capped Composite Decking Features



    Capped composite decking for backyard

    Balcony Composite Decking


    Commercial Composite Decking

    CAPPED COMPOSITE DECKING Installation Accessories

    A one-stop supplier for your deck materials with professional installation systems. You can complete your installation with the following components.

    Composite Joist

    Composite Decking Joist

    Adjustable Decking Support Pedestals 768x512 1

    Adjustable Decking Support Pedestals

    L Angle Trim Wood

    Composite Decking Corner Edge Trim

    Plastic Spacer Clip Screw As One Set

    Plastic Spacer Clip & Screw As One Set

    Spacer Clips Screw As One Set 768x512 1

    Spacer Clips & Screw As One Set

    Starter Clips

    Starter Clips


    Shanghai Unifloor New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of capped composite decking products.  Our factory covers an area of 8000 square meters, 63 extrusion machines for production, and hundreds of different moldings.

    Unifloor Factory 768x506

    Our products include WPC decking, composite decking tilesWPC wall claddingWPC fencedecking balustrade, composite pergolacomposite benchcomposite planter boxes, etc. And we provide 8pcs online deep embossing pattern for selection.

    Our company has been focusing on the production of capped WPC decking for nearly 12 years. Now UNFLOOR WPC products have been sold to 120 countries and areas of UK, America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Finland, Australia etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future…

    We can proudly say that with Unifloor, you can get the best quality capped WPC decking at the most reasonable price.

    Unifloor® Customer Reviews

    thanks for Amanda’s supportive help, I have chosen the right pattern to fit my garden. The installation process is much easier than I expected. I am happy to save my energy and time. This is the best service I have experienced.
    Paul Ashworth
    Unifloor’s service are professional. The purchase process is standardized, smooth and efficient. They are professional on capped composite decking and give me some valuable advice. I will definitely recommend Unifloor to my friends to enjoy high level service.
    Shawn Martin
    Unifloor has done a good job. I am quite satisfied with Unifloor’s capped composite decking. Not only because of their reasonable pricing, but also their exquisite workmanship. The decking is beautiful, neat and easy to clean. The decking can efficiently resist scratch, crack and penetration.
    Stephen Widman

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    If our standard size or color do not perfectly match your needs, we also offer custom service.

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    We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

    Capped composite decking has an extruded pe layer for protection. It can provide the best weathering resistance, hardness, natural appearance, and wear resistance.

    No, there is composite decking without capped, this is known as the first generation composite decking.The composite decking capped which also name as Co extrusion composite decking.

    Capping on composite decking is extruded PE layer,which 360 degrees covers the composite plastic wood core which can protection from damage, such as moisture,insects, and fading.

    Non capped composite wood has no cap layer to protect the core, which is known as the first generation composite decking.

    Capped composite decking has an extruded pe layer for protection which traditional composite decking don’t have. It can provide the best weathering resistance, hardness, natural appearance, and wear resistance.

    It’s best to store composite decking far away from the harsh elements, and better to cover them to prevent water or sunshine before installation.

    The composite decking has grooves designs used to install screws and clips, which means that there will be no screws on the decking surface.

    Decking boards span from joist to joist. Usually, the horizontal distance between two joists is 12 inches.

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