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The pergola kit is a garden feature, an outdoor shade decoration that can provide shadows, beauty, and relief simultaneously. There are multiple kinds of pergolas, for example, wood pergolas, plastic pergolas, metal pergolas, aluminum pergolas, composite pergolas, and so on.
It performs well both in elevating property value and increasing enjoyable outdoor time. With a pergola, the aesthetic effect of your house will be enhanced absolutely. It can also increase your usable outdoor space. Space has become an important factor when people consider cost performance, and these can all add to the value of your property. With it, you can also enjoy more outdoor time while avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Based on accurate calculations, it can assure you a pleasant afternoon time.
Unifloor is committed to providing high-quality, diverse, and widely applicable pergola products. Welcome to know more about Unifloor.
Compared with other products, the Unifloor outdoor pergola kit shares the characteristics of strong durability, low cost (maintenance cost & resources cost), and multiple choices. Get more information from the following content.


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Why choose our composite pergola?

Compared with other materials, the composite pergola has its obvious pros. Unifloor provides more durable products and options that are closer to needs.

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Shown here are pictures of our most beautiful and best-selling pergola products. The product presents a natural, fashionable, and elegant appearance. They are exquisitely crafted, rigorous in structure, and easy to install. Many colors and styles are available, and we also accept customized services. Come and choose the pergola you like.


Unifloor® Customer Reviews

In summer, it is difficult for me to find a place suitable for barbecue. With this garden pergola, I can enjoy a pleasant barbecue time with my family.
Keith Smith
Wow, the product, and service are better than expected, especially the redwood color with super embossing grain is quite beautiful! Highly recommended!
Garry Meakin
Unifloor pergola is amazing! Easily install, now I have a beautiful backyard too!
J F Carpentry

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Pergola is one kind of gazebo, also used as an outdoor shade decoration. The biggest difference between the two is the coverage range of sunlight. A gazebo provides a full shield while a pergola allows for sunlight to shine through its slatted roof.

The cost of building a pergola is lower than buying one, while it requires specialized tools, professional knowledge, and enough time to build correctly to realize its due value. For those who lack the interest and time to learn how to build a pergola, it is the most suitable choice to select a reliable manufacturer to purchase a complete pergola kit and then install it. The extra cost will be paid back in a time-saving way.

Pergola is so popular because of its practical, aesthetic and additional space value. It can deal with some sunlight issues in summer. It’s also an outdoor decoration for a more beautiful living environment. Additional outdoor relax space can provide you more enjoyable time outside to improve your life quality.

Yes, it can provide shade but not completely. The pergola does not have a complete roof. It is designed to avoid direct sunlight so that people can freely enjoy the breeze and sunlight. It can provide 20-30% shade protection. If more protection is needed, a pergola cover can be installed.

There are diverse pergola covers to choose from, like wooden rib panels, juxtaposed wood panels, plant cover, sheet wood covering, tiled roof covering, creeping berry cover, wood covering, drop cloth cover, vinyl covering, straw cover, wood, metal covering, roller shade covering, fabric sail covering, patterned wood panels, grapevine covering, curved wood covering, branch, wire, creeper covering, straw and creeper covering, interlaced fabric covering, polycarbonate cover, and flower covering.

In order to realize its value to the greatest extent, the following factors need to be considered: durable material, proper size, your ideal shade coverage range, cover variety, solid construction, and design style.

A pergola can often be confused with an arbor. They share similarities as wood shade decoration. But there are two main differences between them. An arbor is wooden bench seats with a roof. A pergola, without seats, but a much larger and more open structure.

The way that suits your preferences is the best way. If you want a natural style, choose plant cover or wood covering. If you value decoration, then choose flower covering or decorative wood covering. If you don’t want direct sunlight but want warmth and breeze, choose a drop cloth cover or roller shade covering. If you want strong, weather-proof pergola covers, you can choose wooden rib panels or tiled roof covering.

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