composite fencing (WPC fence)

A more firm protection of your privacy

WPC composite fencing

Composite fencing is also called wood plastic composite fencing, or WPC fencing.

The composite fencing system consists of composite fencing panels (also called WPC fence panels), composite fencing posts or aluminum posts, aluminum post infill, aluminum fence panel covers, and some accessories. It’s more firm than wooden fences and offers better protection for your family.  Easy to install, low-maintenance, and built to last, WPC fencing has become one of the most popular materials in the decking market.

We provide high-quality composite fencing at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Now our WPC fencing has been sold to 120 countries and areas of the UKAmericaCanadaAustraliaetc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in the future…

China Leading Composite Fencing Manufacturer & Supplier

UNIFLOOR is the leading composite fencing manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide high-quality WPC fencing at competitive prices for worldwide customers. And we also accept OEM/ODM services and meet different requirements. And our composite fencing is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price. Our factory is in Xuancheng city, near Shanghai.

Our composite fencing system provides the perfect privacy solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Our WPC fence panels are available in a range of 8 colors:









If you have any questions, We sincerely welcome you to contact us.

WPC Fencing Factory Wholesale Price

WPC Fencing Panels Factory Wholesale Price

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Composite Fencing
WPC Fencing
WPC Fence
WPC Fencing
WPC Fence
Composite Fence

Composite Fencing Panels - WPC FENCE PANELS


Grey Composite Fencing Panel

  • 6 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • anthracite-composite-fence-panel

    Anthracite Composite Wood Fence

  • 6 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • Oak Composite Fence panels

    Oak Composite Fence Boards

  • 6 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • Teak WPC Fence

  • 6 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • FB158H20SM – Classic Composite Fencing – Lightgrey

    Lightgrey Composite Fencing

  • 4 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • FB158H20SM – Classic Composite Fencing – Cedar

    Cedar WPC Fencing Panel

  • 4 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • FB158H20SM – Classic Composite Fencing – Grey

    Grey Plastic Wood Fence

  • 4 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • FB158H20SM – Classic Composite Fencing – Wood

    Wood Composite Fencing

  • 4 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • Length: 6ft (1.83m) or Customized
  • FB168H18 – Classic Composite Fencing – Lightgrey

    WPC Fencing – Lightgrey – Natural series

  • 5 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • appearance of pressure treated wood
  • FB168H18 – Classic Composite Fencing – Cedar

    composite panel fencing

  • 5 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • appearance of pressure treated wood
  • WPC fence panel

  • 5 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • appearance of pressure treated wood
  • FB168H18 – Classic Composite Fencing – Coffee

    Composite Fence Planks – Coffee – Natural series

  • 5 holes light weight design, easiy to install
  • appearance of pressure treated wood
  • Composite Fence Planks

    Composite Planks For Fencing

    DO142H10 – Composite Decorative Board

    Composite Decorative Board For Fence

    DO145H10 – Composite Decorative Board

    Wood Composite Fencing

    As one of the leading composite fencing brands, we can proudly say that with Unifloor, you can get the best quality composite fencing at the most reasonable price. If you are looking for composite fencing companies, unifloor deserves your attention.

    Fences are designed to provide security, privacy, and visual appeal. There are numerous options to choose from, including wooden fences, wrought iron fences, chain-link fences, etc. Compared with other traditional fencing, WPC fencing is an innovative product for outdoor applications.

    What is WPC fencing?

    WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) fencing, is also referred to as composite fencing. WPC fences are fabricated from recyclable plastics like mineral water bottles and milk cartons combined with sawdust and wood pulp. In recent years, WPC fencing has become a favored choice for decorating your houses and surroundings. Compared with other fence materials, it is a more eco-friendly and sustainable option, making it beneficial for human health and the earth. 

    Due to its weather-proof and maintenance-free features, our WPC fence panels are widely used as fences, doors, and gates for gardens, yards, patios, cottages, etc.

    We also offer professional and experienced sales teams to provide clients the attractive wholesale prices and services. If you are looking for high-quality composite fencing, feel free to contact us for more specific information and quotation lists.

    Wpc Fence

    Unifloor is a leading WPC fence manufacturer & supplier with 12+ years of experience. Our WPC fence panels have been sold to 120 countries, such as UK, America, Canada, Australia, etc. Our factorys offer a variety of WPC fences that come in different colors, patterns, and lengths. 

    Available color options of WPC fencing

    Grey, Lightgrey, Charcoal, Chocolate, Redwood, Cedar, Wood, Coffee

    Our WPC fencing is available in a variety of colors, including Grey, Lightgrey, Charcoal, Chocolate, Redwood, Cedar, Wood, and Coffee. We also offer customized color options per your requests

    Decking Colors

    Reasons for choosing WPC Fences

    For people who are looking for trustworthy, attractive, and long-lasting fencing material, WPC fence panels are the best choices thanks to the almost endless list of advantages that it offer. The following are several reasons:

    • To identify your property

    Composite wood fences are perfect peoducts for people who are eager to mark the boundaries of their assets. It is suitable for those with strong territory consciousness.

    • To protect your privacy

    WPC fencing is an ideal option to shield against the peeping eyes of your neibours. With the help of our WPC fences, people can enjoy their leisure time without worrying about being disturbed.

    • To secure your houses

    Installing WPC fence panels for your houses is a fantastic choice to improve the security system. Our wood composite fences not only can prevent trespassers from entering, but also can shield against the wild animals such as wild boars. Moreover, they can serve as shelters to protect your childern and pets against potential dangers.

    Wpc Fences
    • To decorate your houses

    With our WPC fences, you would have infinite possibilities to creat unique and stylish designs to your liking. You can choose fences in any color, texture, or style to enhance the overall decor of your houses.

    Wpc Fencing

    Is WPC fencing waterproof?

    Our WPC fences are 100% waterproof. Not only of this, those fences are resistant to decay, split, rust, and warp. No painting or varnishing is required for your fences.

    Is WPC fencing worth it?

    In general, WPC fencing has much more benefits than drawbacks. It is a long-lasting and zero-maintenance material, making it a great option for outdoor usage. With the benefit of UV resistance, it has long service life.

    Wpc Fencing1 Wh 400x400px

    How long does WPC fencing last?

    Composite Fencing

    Unlike wood material, composite fencing is resistant to water, mildew, termites, etc. Generally, it can have a long lifespan of 20-30 years. If taken care of properly, WPC fencing may endure 30-50 years.

    Which is better, vinyl or WPC fencing?

    Although vinyl has been an excellent choice for fences, WPC fences have better performance in terms of durability, natural finish, and surface treatment. Since WPC fencing is thicker and denser, it can endure all kinds of weather conditions such as glaring sunlight, low temperature, snow and rain, etc.

    It is a terrific idea to install your wood composite fences in autumn to naturally blend in the season. It is not so hot as summer, nor so cold as winter, autumn is the ideal season to intall your fences.

    Wpc Fencing

    Step-by-step instructions to install WPC fences

    Comared with the installation of wood fences, it’s much more easier and convenient to intall WPC fences. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

    • Dig post holes

    Firstly, you should remove any dust or trash around the fencing site before drilling a hole in the ground. After clearing the area, you should dig a hole that is around 25% the height of the post to place the post. Maintain a maximum distance of 1.8 meters between WPC fence posts. In this way, the WPC fence panels are able to stabilize the fence posts effectively.

    • Place aluminium post

    Secondly, you should insert the posts in the ground. Before pouring concrete, be certain that every post is completely flat. Also keep in mind that at least 25% of the height of fence posts must be implanted into the ground.


    • Install WPC fence panels

    The third step is to slip your fence panels into the aluminium posts. Your fences are nearly done after properly inserting each board into a pole.

    • Cover the posts

    The final step is to cover the tops after inserting the board within them, which can shield against water and sustantially increase the durability of WPC fences. Besides, the posts’ borders may be concealed to provide a secure setting for garden activities.

    Features of WPC fencing

    • Durable
    • Eco-friendly
    • Anti-corrosion
    • Long lifespan
    • Splinter-proof
    • Simple to install
    • Flame retardant
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Anti-rot &anti-warp
    • Sustainable & recyclable
    • Various color options
    • 16 db noise prevention
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Authentic wood appearance 
    • Excellent flexibility and tear resistance
    • Excellent weather resistance: resistance to UV radiation, wind, snow, rain, hail

    China WPC FencING Factory

    Shanghai Unifloor New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of WPC fencing products.  Our factory covers an area of 8000 square meters, 63 extrusion machines for production, and hundreds of different moldings. We provide WPC fence guaranteed by ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, CO, INTERTEK, SGS certifications, etc.

    Unifloor Factory 768x506

    Unifloor is one of the best composite fence manufacturers based in China. Our company has been focusing on the production of composite wood fence for nearly 12 years. Now UNFLOOR WPC fence have been sold to 120 countries and areas of UK, America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Finland, Australia etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future…

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    If our standard size or color do not perfectly match what you are looking for, we also offer custom service.

    About Composite Fencing

    Composite fencing, also called wood-plastic-composite fencing WPC fences, composite wood fences,  fake wood fences, plastic wood fences, composite wood fences, composite panel fencing, composite screening panels, and composite garden screens. 

    Composite fencing is formed of 60% recycled hard-wood fibers and 40% recycled polyethylene. Therefore, composite fencing combines the natural beauty of wood with the durability and low maintenance of plastic. This means you can maintain the same look for years without the splinters issues that naturally occur with traditional wood fences. They require very little maintenance in the long term.

    The natural woodgrain surface of composite fencing is not painted, but pressed. So composite fencing is an eco-friendly and sustainable option. It is 100% non-toxic and safe to use.

    Our composite fencing is moisturemildewmoldUV, and scratch resistantWaterproof and fireproof, our fencing system can withstand the harshest climates and terrains. Especially the combination of composite fencing panels and aluminum frame structure.

    Whether you are looking to fence your garden terrace or a massive development, Unifloor composite fencing has you covered. The heavy-duty panels can be used as marina screenings at waterfront destinations.

    Due to its lightweight honeycomb structure, composite fencing is very easy to install. They can easily be attached to existing wood fence posts, and existing concrete posts, but ideally work great with composite fence posts or matching aluminum posts for a complete look. You can create the perfect fence in no time.

    Unifloor’s composite fencing comes in 8 attractive colors. Popular and people’s favorite colors like grey and light grey, and more natural colors with a wood appearance, such as brownredwood, oak, or teak, etc.

    grey composite fencing

    grey composite fencing

    light grey composite fencing

    brown composite fencing

    oak composite fencing




    We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

    composite fencing products are extremely Waterproof, moisture-proof, moth proof and anti-mildew,high strength. It’s with long life durability and often cheaper than hardwood options.

    Yes,Composite fence panels fit in concrete posts,with WPC post or aluminum post options.

    The composite fencing provides a beautiful, unique, low-maintenance alternative to wood and vinyl.

    The composite fence can be long warranty for 15 years.

    the pros of composite fencing far outweigh the cons. Not only is it a durable material, but an easy one to maintain as well.

    Compared to vinyl fence, composite fencing cost is higher.However, because it doesn’t require any remarkable amount of maintenance, it can save you money over time.

    Vinyl is a material that is durable, and is very easy to work install. The composite fencing is very popular with DIY enthusiasts.

    They are low- or no-maintenance, requiring no painting and only occasional cleaning. They are also resistant to rot and insect damage.

    The difference between vinyl and composite fences is how they are made. Vinyl fencing is made by molding plastic. Composite fencing, on the other hand, is made up of a combination of recycled wood and recycled plastic that is made into boards similar to wood.

    Unlike wood, composite fencing panels won’t warp or rot.

    Composite fencing material are some of the most popular options, regardless of a home’s style or neighborhood. A wood composite fence can last for 15 years or longer.

    Wire fencing is the cheapest, followed by chain link fencing, then wooden fencing. If you are willing to splurge, wood plastic composite fence,wood vinyl, aluminum, brick, and wrought iron are more expensive options to consider.

    You would need slightly under 836 linear feet of fencing to completely enclose a square 1 acre lot. This is assuming that you would be fencing each side in using straight lines.

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