Is Black Decking Right For Your Garden?

Black Decking

Is the black decking suit for your garden decoration? Do you know enough about black decking? If you have any confusion, this article will help. It will introduce the performances, benefits, and some frequently asked questions about the black decking.

Black decking is a vintage and stylish color that is an attractive choice if you want to create a unique garden space. The black decking is a distinctive deck color that helps you to build your own patio style and show the personality and vitality of your house. It is widely used in home offices, gardens, swimming pools, parks, balconies, patios, and some other places. it can be used as swimming pool decking or garden decking, etc. You will find what you need in Unifloor.

Performances of Unifloor WPC deck

Eco-friendly deck.

Strong weather-resistant.

High strength, low wear and tear, no deformation.

It requires no painting, no glue, and low maintenance.

It owns beautiful and elegant nature wood grain texture and touch with an easy installation thus can meet various requirements of customers.

The uniqueness of black decking

Black decking always creates a cool, calming feeling; it does not only look great but is durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for home and commercial applications; it provides the highest degree of contrast for patios; it can also set off plants and other furniture for an unexpected decorative effect.


Is black decking stain-resistant?

Black is a practical color and its stain-resistant surface is effective in keeping a neat and tidy outlook.

Can it be painted?

Wood-plastic composite decking is stained during the manufacturing process and has a good color fixation, so it does not require regular staining maintenance. If you are tired of its original color and want to change it to a different color, it is possible to implement it. Just follow the correct staining steps and you can paint the composite deck to the desired color. 

However, it is important to note that once you sand and stain the surface of your WPC deck, this means that you will need to perform regular maintenance such as painting in the future which may affect the warranty of the deck, etc. For more specific information and requirements, please consult the manufacturer for confirmation.

Does black composite decking fade easily?

The WPC decking is overall more resistant to fading than wood, it doesn’t fade easily, and we offer composite decking that retains its color and requires little maintenance. The vibrant color will last for years.

Does a black decking get hotter in the summer?

Does a black decking get hotter in the summer? In the summer, any surface exposed to sunlight will heat up, and typically, lighter deck colors retain less heat. Uncovered deck areas absorb more heat and it is recommended to build some kind of cover to cover the deck, while people outside can avoid direct sunlight. Some suggestions for you to keep your deck cool in the summer.

Is a black decking right for your yard?

If you want to find out if the color suits your yard or not, you need to consider whether the black deck matches the color of your house and whether it matches the surroundings. The right match makes the deck just right to add color to the house.

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