What’s the Fire-resistance Rating of WPC Decking

WPC Decking

Nowadays, fire safety requirements have become more and more significant for the daily use of our everyday buildings such as decking, cladding, fencing, etc. Customers have gradually paid more attention to the issue of fire security due to the awareness of fire safety.

Therefore, we are dedicated to making sure that all of our current and future clients are aware of the fire security of our WPC decking. We recognize that knowing what to look for when choosing a product for your project is crucial to ensuring both safety and the intended performance of the chosen product.

In this article, we go over fire ratings in detail to help you understand composite decking better. We introduce the terms “fire rating” and “class B” ratings in accordance with British Standards. Besides, we also offer the recommended locations for the installation of WPC decking.

Composite Decking
Composite Decking

What's the fire-resistance rating classfication system?

The fire-resistance rating classification system assesses the fire resistance of a building material or component. For the material used in the construction of buildings, the fire retardancy of it must adhere to local laws and regulations. In a nutshell, it’s a guarantee or seal of approval that gives customers the peace of mind that the products they select are secure and suitable for their daily applications.

The fire-resistance rating of a certain product is calculated through various tests to achieve its precision and accuracy. There are numerous classification systems, but EN 13501-1: Fire Classification of Construction Products and Building Elements is the most widely recognized one.

Wpc Decking For Terrace
WPC Decking For Terrace

This rating is a test technique that highlights the burning behavior of certain building materials, emphasizing the material’s flammability, heat levels, flame expansion, and smoke emission. Seven classification levels are included in the below rating system, with A1 indicating the highest performance and F indicating the lowest performance.

Fire Resistance Rating Classfication
Fire Resistance Rating Classfication

Class B fire-rated Unifloor WPC decking

Unifloor composite decking is categorized as Class B in accordance with the industry standard for wood composite products. And “Class B” rating represents that our WPC decking has an excellent flame-retardant effect. It has a very limited contribution to fire. Our fire-rated WPC decking can extinguish automatically and is almost impossible to catch fire even in an exposed environment.

Outdoor Wpc Decks
Outdoor WPC Decks

Wide applications of Unisign WPC decking

  • Suitable for residential and commercial situations
  • Widely used for terraces, balconies, gardens, backyards, walkways, swimming pool areas, etc
  • Widely used for boutiques, coffee shops, hotels, shopping malls, playgrounds, etc
  • Also can be used as stairs, park benches, planter boxes, etc
Wpc Decking For Stairs
WPC Decking For Stairs

Recommeded specifications of Unifloor WPC decking

Wpc Hollow Decking
WPC Hollow Decking
Wpc Solid Decking
Wpc Solid Decking
Capped Decking Board
Capped Decking Boards
Uncapped Decking Board
Uncapped Decking Board

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