Why Wood Composite Decking?

Wood Composite Decking

Wood composite decking (also called WPC decking)  has its own advantages and disadvantages without exception, so what makes it the choice of an increasing number of homeowners and builders? It is a worthwhile investment, both in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Perhaps you’re looking for materials for your next outdoor decorating project, and in order to extend the replacement cycle and reduce the time, money, and labor costs of product replacement, we need to prioritize whether the material is durable and easy to maintain, expensive, etc. In these respects, Unifloor wood-plastic composites are a good choice. This article will introduce you to wood plastic composite decking in a Q&A format. To help you make a choice based on knowing

Is wood composite decking durable?

Water Resistant Composite Decking

Outdoor decking is durable in terms of weather resistance, water resistance, scratch resistance, etc.

Then what’s the applicable temperature range of wood composite decking? It is suitable from -40℃ to 60℃.

Is WPC decking waterproof? As for the reaction to water, there is only metal decking can be completely waterproof, and the other materials can be designed to be water-resistant. composite decking is a mixture of wood and plastic, because of the organic components in decking, it performs well in water resistance.

Is wood composite decking scratch-resistant? Unifloor wood composite decking is manufactured to be scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. If there are some scratches, they are manageable.

Is wood composite decking easy to maintain?

The main aspects of outdoor decking maintenance include maintaining the color, cleaning the surface, and preventing mold and mildew. First of all, wood composite decking is stained at the time of manufacture, so the color can be effectively fixed. Wood-plastic composite decking does not require regular painting.

After long years of sun exposure, the color of the deck may lighten, and at that time, if you want to change the color of the deck, you can do so. It is just a matter of warranty conditions and ongoing painting requirements at a later date that need to be considered. In addition, capped composite decks are more effective in fixing the color because of a PE protective film on the surface. However, it is not recommended to paint a capped composite deck.

Is wood composite decking expensive?

The best consumer behavior is to choose the best product with the best performance within your budget. The price of wood composite decking varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from type to type. But the average price range is between softwood decking and hardwood decking. If you are tired of the range of maintenance issues associated with wood decks, then wood plastic composite decking is well worth considering.

As for whether wood-plastic composite decking provides the same natural feel as wood decking, don’t worry, wood-plastic composite decking itself contains some wood fiber content and is, therefore, closer to the texture of wood than other materials that do not contain wood at all.

Furthermore, WPC decking is stained during the manufacturing process, and this color is optional; Unifloor offers log colors close to the original wood, cedar red, and other custom colors. In addition, WPC decks are available on smooth, wood-grained, or grooved surfaces. Perhaps a deck with the wood grain will meet your needs.

Unifloor also offers a deeply embossed surface that may better satisfy your desire for a natural look. Feel free to share your preferences for decking surfaces with us, you will find the answer here.


Now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of wood plastic composite decking, I believe you have learned why wood plastic composite decking is being chosen by more and more homeowners and builders. Unifloor is a professional wood composite decking manufacturer and supplier, if you have any other concerns about choosing this material, please contact us freely.

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