Why Choose WPC wood cladding for your exterior walls

Wpc Timber Cladding

When it comes to the facade of your estates, your outside walls play an essential role in the look and appearance of your buildings. The wall cladding on your walls presents your unique character, aesthetic opinion, and taste. Moreover, wall cladding is a simple and affordable method to improve the aesthetic appeal and beauty of your exterior walls.

WPC wood cladding is a popular and efficient option compared to other cladding choices. In this article, we introduce 6 important advantages of WPC wood cladding to assist customers to have a better understanding of the product.


WPC wood cladding is robust, long-lasting, and durable. It is impervious to UV rays, fungus, insects, warping, cracking, splintering, and staining. Considering this, it’s a much better choice than wood, which is less durable and needs constant upkeep. WPC timber cladding offers an excellent option regardless your property is situated in a suburban, rural, or coastal area with an inclement climate.

Wpc Wood Cladding
Composite Timber Cladding

Minimum maintenance

Unlike other cladding solutions, WPC wood cladding is minimum maintenance, requiring no continuing staining, oiling, polishing, refinishing, or painting. The protective coating on the surface protects WPC wood cladding from various weather conditions. Unifloor WPC wood cladding has a long lifespan of 15+ years, so you don’t need to waste your time on replacement and installation.

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WPC Timber Cladding

Ease of installation

WPC timber cladding is convenient and simple to install for both commercial and home situations because it can be applied over brick, concrete, as well as other materials. It can be fastened together with a concealed fastener and is simple to slot together.

Wpc Cladding
Composite Wood Cladding


Although WPC wood cladding typically emphasizes its aesthetic purpose, it also has a useful insulation function. The cladding offers a sturdy coating layer to create a durable “envelope” around your estate, which can improve the insulation against heat, cold, and noise. As a result, regulating internal temperature may be simpler and more cost-effective. The advantages of sound insulation may enhance privacy and life quality.

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Composite Timber Cladding


Compared to concrete cladding, WPC wood cladding has a significantly reduced carbon and environmental footprint. It is mainly manufactured from recycled bottles, cartons, wood dust, etc. Using eco-friendly WPC wood cladding would have a positive impact on the environment and human health.

WPC Cladding
WPC Wood Cladding

Aesthetically pleasing

WPC wood cladding comes in a variety of colors and patterns, homeowners would find it easy to choose the suitable solution for their houses. It not only promote the whole decor and appeal of your estates, but also enhance the overall value.

WPC Cladding
Composite Wood Cladding

Unifloor WPC Wood Cladding

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3D Embossed WPC Wood Cladding
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Redwood WPC Wood Cladding
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Wood-effect WPC Wood Cladding

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