Can A Composite Decking Kit Be Laid Directly On The Ground?

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For stable and longer use, the composite decking kit cannot be laid directly on the ground surface. It needs to be laid on a basement made of joists, and the basement needs to be laid on gravel or pedestals. As a composite decking kit manufacturer and supplierUnifloor always provides a durable composite decking kit for you.

What do you know about composite decking kit


The composite decking kit of Unifloor is composed of a floor made of wood-plastic composite material and its installation accessories. Among them, the installation accessories include adjustable decking support pedestals, composite joists, starter clips, T-clips&screws, spacer clips&screws, and corner trims.


A composite decking kit has obvious advantages such as high performance and easy installation. It can effectively avoid outdoor flooring often encountered these problems: 1. due to long-term sun exposure caused by fading problems. 2. due to temperature changes and significant expansion and contraction of the problem. 3. due to moisture absorption and mold, slippery or damaged. And some other problems. Very suitable for outdoor decoration.


Outdoor decking has various functions, it can be used as a part of garden landscaping, it can expand the usable area of the house, increase the usable outdoor space, as a characteristic decoration of the yard, etc. In addition to composite decking kits, there are many materials that can be used for outdoor deck decoration, including treated wood, aluminum, and other composite materials.

So, what are the requirements of a wood plastic composite deck kit for installation sites? Can it be built directly on the ground? Can it be built on an uneven surface?

What do you know about composite decking kit

Can you lay the composite decking kit on uneven ground?

Although it is not as easy as building a deck on a flat surface, you can build a deck on uneven ground with some effort. For details, please refer to how to install composite wood decking on uneven ground.

Can you lay the composite decking kit on the ground directly?

Even though WPC composite decking kits are good corrosion and water-resistant materials, it is not recommended that you lay composite decking kits directly on the ground to avoid even though WPC composite decking kits have good moisture and insect resistance properties, it is not recommended that you lay decking kits directly on top of the soil.

This way your deck may experience some common problems such as rot and insect infestation. Moisture seeping from beneath the surface of the soil can cause mold and mildew to grow. This in turn can damage the deck frame and deck. So how do you properly install a deck over the soil to avoid some potential problems?

1. Plan out and mark the area where the decking needs to be installed.

2. Remove weeds, plants, and rocks from the installation area. If necessary, you can use a weed killer.

3. Dig out an area at least 5cm deep. And make sure this area is flat. You can use a tool to check if it is level.

4. Spread gravel over the area until it is filled. The gravel foundation is more stable and helps to drain the water from the frame.

5. Raise the height of the deck with support pedestals. Just build the frame with support pedestals and then build the deck. Adjustable support pedestals can be used to achieve different heights. Please consult local requirements for specific building heights.

Application Of Support Pedestal 1536x253

Laying the composite decking kit on the ground directly is not recommended, including the soil or grass basement. Building a subtract is necessary for a long and stable decking usage. Joists in the composite decking kit are made to form the subtract of WPC decking. Please contact our service team for more installation information.

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