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When the wind blows

Sitting under the grape trellis

Looking at the lotus swaying in the pond

Brew a pot of home-brewed fruit tea

On the side of the teacup

How many flowers

Blooming lily

And a bowl of sweet cherries

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For us, every garden is unique because it imbues us with different times and emotions.
The garden is the angel that purifies the soul. No matter where in the world, people will always awaken it with love, and then enjoy it uniquely.
We recommend the following WPC decoration for your vacant garden to create a unique leisure space for you.


1.WPC outdoor garden decking

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As the most popular decking, our WPC grooved hollow composite decking can meet the needs of the large-area gardens, which is economical and easy to install.
And all of our outdoor composite decking is recyclable with attractive grooves on one side and new wood grain embossing on the back. Please see our embossed WPC decking for details. Its waterproof and UV-resistant properties make it more suitable for outdoor use. In addition, it is scratch-resistant and will not warp, chip, or crack after prolonged use. Our outdoor WPC decking is popular worldwide and is used in a wide range of outdoor applications, including gardens and public areas. Its embossed finish has a natural grain that looks and feels like natural wood, but is more durable and lasts longer. There are many types and sizes to choose from to meet the most of need.

2.WPC anti slip composite decking for swimming pool

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Outdoor swimming pool decking is exposed to UV and moisture damage for a long time, and antislip, so the capped composite decking is more suitable for this need. Compared with traditional WPC composite decking, the WPC co-extrusion decking has a layer of PE protection, which is convenient to isolate physical damage and chemical corrosion of swimming pool water, as well as UV damage, so can maintain stability and maintain bright colors in long-term use.

Our outdoor pool decking also features non-slip and easy-to-use cleaning. Deep embossing causes the decking to become astringent when exposed to water, making it less prone to slipping. The reverse side can be frosted or engraved. This embossed capped composite decking doesn’t change color in wet conditions, so there’s no need to worry about the color losing its original color. If you like to throw pool parties and use candles as a decoration, our WPC decking will be a very safe choice as it meets certain fire protection standards.

The most convenient WPC deck tiles

WPC deck tiles allow for design flexibility, easy and quick installation, and a variety of spindle and trim panel options.
WPC decking tiles are an alternative to traditional decking and tiles because these small decking tiles come in some specific small sizes and are the easiest to install. Our small decking tiles are composed of wood-plastic composite decking with plastic bases, these tiles are quick and easy to install and give the garden a nice and natural look.
WPC garden tiles can be made into various specifications, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, designs, colors, woodgrain finishes, etc., according to the customer’s choice. These decking tiles have WPC appearance, high hardness, long life, thermoforming, high strength, energy-saving, and so on.
Moreover, WPC decking tiles interlock system has also been upgraded to avoid water accumulation issues during rains.

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For the general use of WPC composite board, it is common as a garden fence.
Compared to traditional timber fence boards. The biggest advantage of the fence board made of WPC composite decking is strength.WPC composite board lasts longer and can withstand strong winds and any other test conditions in the same outdoor environment.
And WPC fencing panels as composite decking boards that won’t crack. This means you can maintain the same look for years without the chipping issues that naturally occur with traditional wood fences.
And because WPC composite boards come in a variety of colors and sizes, you can buy WPC fence in many different colors, from light grey to coffee and more, or you can choose a more natural color with a wood-look like mahogany or teak. The benefit of this is its natural-looking appearance, which is especially great if you’re looking for a fence that blends in with its surroundings.


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