How Much Does It Cost To Build A Composite Deck? 2022 Prices

Cost Of Composite Deck

Normally, to bulid a decking project, the average cost of composite deck is $4-$10 per square foot.

When start a home decoration project, you will consider the cost is the first and the most important point. Whether you’re shifting focus over to DIY your deck or recruiting an expert team to assemble a deck for you, ensuring you’re acquainted with evaluating the costs is an incredible spot to begin. All in all, how much does it cost to build a composite deck, in any case? Indeed, there are the following things that need to be considered.

The Basic Cost and Post-maintenance Cost​

To be precise, although the initial cost of WPC decking (Wood Plastic Composite Decking) is more expensive than timber floor, with a service life of up to 30 years and no maintenance fee and no time fee, the costs of composite decking project is more affordable than timber decking. Given this, expect to pay more for the immediate life cycle and less for fixes and maintain.

Materials Costs & Labor Costs

Continue to introduce the costs of composite decking, when you ready to build a composite decking project, you need to know the costs of materials and labor. This consolidate the full amount of the project.

However, caused by local different labor policy and economic situation, labor costs need to check with local market.

As the professional composite decking materials factory, we are prone to introduce the materials costs with our composite decking.

THREE KEY POINTS: Decking Type & Construction Area& Design

Construction area information is easy to understand, the size and area information of your deck project straightforwardly impacts how much material you’ll require as well as how much work you’ll require. To put it plainly, the bigger the deck area, the more costly it’ll be. To the extent that shape goes, square shape choices are easier to construct and will be more reasonable thus. Assuming you need a bent deck project, remember that bases with complex metal casings and joists may be required and will come at an additional expense.

As for decking types different, materials costs are different.
Same 20x20ft area, different decking types will cost like the following:

1. How much to build a DIY Decking Tiles

For basic deck designs of DIY Decking tiles, you can expect to pay from about $4 to $8 per square foot.

  • Each composite deck tiles decking size 300*300*22mm
  • 11pcs/carton, 12.9kg/carton
  • Price:5.68USD/PC, 5.68USD/SQ.FT, 20x20ft, total area amount: 2272USD

Since composite decking tile items have an interlock system, so easy to install and save labor costs. It’s lightweight and easy to ship so also has cheap shipping costs compared to other decking items.
For the balcony project or inside the kitchen, suggest to use WPC DIY decking, will be cheap and easy to install.

2. Cost of  Hollow Composite Decking?

WPC hollow decking is suitable for most outdoor decking project, but not suggest for traffic lane.

150h25 600x480
  • One Side Embossed Surface/ The other side with anti groove or 3d wood grain
  • 150*25mm Square Hole Hollow Decking (Color can be choose or customized)
  • Length: 2.2/2.8/2.9/3/3.66/4/5.4m or customized
  • Price: 7.41USD/SQ.FT, 20x20ft, total area amount:2964USD
  • Circle Hole Hollow Decking:
  • Double side grooved surface
  • 146*23mm round hollow WPC decking(Color can be choose or customized)
  • Length: 2.2/2.8/2.9/3/3.66/4/5.4m or customized
  • Price: 5.82USD/SQ.FT 20x20ft, total area amount:2328USD
Wpc Composite 3d Embossing Decking Circle 18 600x400

3. Cost of  Solid Composite Decking?

Solid WPC composite decking is suitable for engineering project with load-bearing requirements.

Solid Wpc Deck Board 600x328

Solid WPC composite decking:

Double side grooved surface

140*25mm solid WPC decking (Color can be choose or customized)

Length: 2.2/2.8/2.9/3/3.66/4/5.4m or customized


20x20ft, total area amount:4155USD

4. Cost of capped composite decking

Capped composite decking, also known as WPC co-extrusion decking.

Double side wood grain surface

140*25mm hollow capped decking(Color can be choose or customized)

Length: 2.2/2.8/2.9/3/3.66/4/5.4m or customized


20x20ft, total area amount:3396USD

Co140h25s – Capped Composite Decking Redwood 600x480

Co Extrusion Composite Decking(Capped composite decking) have more life duty, suitable for high quality requirements of decking project.

All the materials costs are retail prices,for the accurate project prices, please feel free to contact us, then we can help design and calculate the total costs for the project. And moreover, for distribution and wholesale business,we have attractive and competitive prices related.

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