Is Capped Composite Decking Any Good?

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Capped composite decking is composite decking with a covering. The covering is impermeable material that provides protection for the composite underneath. It is best in weather resistance, durability, recyclability, natural appearance, easy maintenance, easy installation, and wear resistance. Unifloor is a capped composite decking manufacturer and supplier, we provide you with high-quality and durable capped composite decking.

Introduction of capped composite decking

As the most advanced product line in the wood plastic flooring category, capped composite decking has strong advantages in many aspects. This article will introduce capped composite decking in detail from the following aspects, I hope it will be helpful to you.

What capped composite decking is made of?

Capped composite decking in Unifloor is made of recycled wood fiber, recycled plastic, a PE protection layer, and some adhesive.

How capped composite decking is made?

Capped composite decking is made through the latest “co-extrusion” technology in the composite decking industry. It extrudes multiple layers of composite wood simultaneously, also called “co-extruded” or “cover” decking.

Co-extrusion technology encapsulates the deck boards in an impermeable PE layer to prevent their daily damage and to meet its mechanical requirements. Adhesives or harmful chemicals are also avoided. It combines the advantages of wood and plastic, reducing repetitive maintenance. Natural surface and stable quality make co-extrusion decking become more and more popular.

How many kinds of capped types there are?

Capped halfway: Capping the halfway does certainly improve the UV, stain, and scratch resistance, but the left parts are exposed to the elements which can make affect the board dry and wet and others.

Completely capped with routed groove: There is also the possibility that the moisture can be absorbed into the board through the uncapped groove. So the troubles of cracking, cupping, and swelling may still exist.

Capped for 360 degrees: The type of all-around coverage provides maximum protection to the core of the deck. It can better protect the composite core from moisture, insects, mold, UV rays, and other factors to maximize the performance and longevity of our decking. Unifloor provides decking with 360 degree protection.

Can capped composite decking be recycled?

Different from wooden decking and polymer decking, capped boards with composite cores are normally made of 75-95% recyclable components. To avoid further deforestation, Unifloor adapts a high percentage of recycled content to make sustainable products. It can be recycled after replacement.

Is capped composite decking easy to fade?

The protective layer of co-extruded composite flooring is a blend of premium non-reactive color pigments, UV inhibitors, antioxidants, and mildew inhibitors. The combination of these properties results in a floor with superior UV, mildew, and stain resistance for long-lasting durability and long-lasting vibrant color. So with minimal maintenance, your deck will maintain its beautiful appearance for years.

Is capped composite decking easy to maintain?

You don’t need to adopt a complicated procedure to maintain your capped composite decking boards, you just need to sweep the leaves on the surface, clean them with soapy water, and then rinse the surface with warm water.

Is capped composite decking easy to install?

Capped composite decking in Unifloor is equipped with a specific hidden fastener system and detailed installation instructions. Hidden fasteners underneath your deck are stable and out of sight. It is easy to install and it achieves a clean and beautiful decking surface all the time.

Two types of co-extruded composite decking in Unifloor

We offer two different types of co-extruded composite decking boards, depending on the construction of the floor. These include solid co-extruded composite decking and hollow co-extruded composite decking. Each type owns its unique features and applicable situations. Please contact our professional consultants for more details about our co-extruded deckings.

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