12 Popular Composite Decking Patterns

Composite Decking Patterns

Here are 12 popular composite decking patterns recommended for you by Unifloor.

Composite decking

Composite decking is being chosen by an increasing number of homes as a material for patio deck decoration. Installation of wood plastic composite decking is relatively easy, this is because the hidden fastener installation system unique to wood plastic composite decking is very simple to operate, so you only need to master a few basic principles to lay a beautiful composite decking.

Among other things, the weight of the hollow deck is lighter than that of the solid deck, making it possible for one person to carry and lay the deck.

In addition to the ease of installation, the wood-plastic composite decking can be laid in a variety of ways. There is a lot of room for choice and design regarding the pattern that the deck presents. If you want to lay your deck in a unique way to add some personality to your backyard, you can refer to some of our recommendations for you, which we hope will inspire you. We can also provide you with more design suggestions and are always happy to answer your inquiries.

Unifloor WPC deck

Unifloor is the leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier in China. Before introducing the way of laying the WPC deck, we would like to introduce you to what types of finishes are available for Unifloor’s wood-plastic composite decking.

The first type of finish is woodgrain. We offer a wide range of colors and styles of woodgrain finishes. You can choose the right color to match the style of your house and surrounding architecture, or custom colors are available. Woodgrain finishes give a natural, simple and refreshing look. They are very popular with customers from all over the world. Another type of wood grain finish is the deep-pressed wood-plastic composite decking produced by deep-pressing technology. This type of deck is better in terms of realism of the wood grain pattern.

The second type is a surface with grooves. This surface can be used on the top of the deck laying or on the bottom. When the side with grooves is placed on the top, at a certain angle of inclination, it can facilitate drainage and avoid water accumulation to damage the surface of the deck. When the side with grooves is placed on the bottom, it can facilitate air circulation on the bottom of the deck to avoid problems such as mold and mildew.

The third type is a smooth surface. This surface has no pattern and no grooves. But there is no need to worry if it will become slippery easily. Unifloor’s wood-plastic composite decks all have a very good anti-slip surface, with those produced through co-extrusion technology having a slightly rougher surface with a better anti-slip effect.

These three surface types combine with each other to produce a wider variety of combinations, providing you with more options. You can choose the right type according to your needs. Meanwhile, we offer wood-plastic co-extruded decking with two-sided color, which is more convenient for you to put together patterns and designs when laying.

Composite decking patterns

The following are several attractive and commonly used composite decking patterns.

Seamless decking patterns

Standard patterns, framed patterns, and diagonal patterns are available.

Standard Seamless Decking Pattern1
Framed Pattern2
Diagonal Pattern3

Staggered decking patterns

Horizontal patterns, vertical patterns, and diagonal patterns are optional.

Staggered Horizontal Pattern1
Staggered Vertical Pattern2
Staggered Diagonal Pattern3

H joint decking patterns

Horizontal patterns, vertical patterns, and diagonal patterns can be selected.

H Joint Horizontal Pattern1
H Joint Vertical Pattern2
H Joint Diagonal Pattern3

Transitional decking patterns

Horizontal patterns, vertical patterns, and diagonal patterns are worthy of consideration.

Transitional Horizontal Pattern1
Transitional Vertical Pattern2
Transitional Diagonal Pattern3


Composite decking is available in a dazzling variety of laying types. Have you found your favorite design style? If so, you can start installing a deck to decorate your backyard right now.

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