Is There Any Maintenance Free Decking?

Maintenance Free Decking

Yes, maintenance free decking is available. Unifloor provides WPC decking and other WPC decorations for you. Compared with annual oiling, painting, sealing, and other maintenance requirements of traditional wooden decking, low maintenance decking only requires a little care to be longer-lasting.

What does "maintenance free decking" really mean?

Maintenance Comparison

Compared to the maintenance of wood decking, which requires sanding, sealing, staining, and painting every 2-5 years, composite decking requires cleaning every 6 months. If you count some care and regular cleaning as “maintenance”, the maintenance requirements for WPC decks can be considered minimal. This is a far cry from the effort and expense required to maintain a traditional wood deck.

Low-maintenance green decking materials

No matter what use you install your decks for, it is important to consider their longevity and the following maintenance needs. Almost everyone agrees that most time, lower maintenance needs mean a better product.

So how many kinds of no maintenance deck material there are? Some commonly used materials include composite decking, fiber cement decking, pressure-treated wood, aluminum decking, modified wood, etc. This next article will go into detail about low-maintenance wood-plastic composite decking.

Wood plastic composite decking in Unifloor

Unifloor is a one-stop composite decking manufacturer and supply chain. We offer the highest quality decking with beautiful designs, affordable prices, and attentive service. They are not only eco-friendly and durable but also low-maintenance. We promise a 15-year warranty and require little to no maintenance for the rest life of the deck. We make your life easier by minimizing the maintenance required for you. So what are the factors that affect deck maintenance?

Types of low maintenance decking

Maintenance Free Decking Traditional
Maintenance Free Decking Capped

In terms of material type, WPC decking is much easier to maintain than other materials, such as traditional wood decking. WPC decking can be produced through different manufacturing processes, so there are a variety of types. These include deep embossed wood plastic composite deckingco-extruded wood plastic composite decking, and traditional wood plastic composite decking. All are low-maintenance types, but the exact level of maintenance varies depending on the product type. Among them, capped composite decking performs best in almost every aspect. It is more recommended for outdoor decorations.

Traditional decking vs. co-extruded decking


Both the two kinds are made up of wood fibers from recycled wood and plastic components from recycled plastic. Together they have low maintenance properties.


Traditional wood-plastic composite decking is the most classic style with low maintenance costs, including time costs and labor costs. Co-extruded wood-plastic composite decking, as the most advanced product type, is truly a maintenance-free deck.

A protective film on the surface of co-extruded wood-plastic composite decking has better stain resistance and an easier-to-clean surface, which can keep the surface clean for a longer period of time. Little to no maintenance is required during use. No sanding, no painting, no staining. Will not split or warp. Requires no annual maintenance, except for occasional hose flushing. Can be kept in new condition year after year.

Seasonal Factors

Deck maintenance requirements vary with the seasons. During the cold, wet fall months, decks face leaf infestation. Leaves accumulate on the deck and tend to grow mold and mildew, which can cause the deck to become slippery or damage the surface of the deck. In the winter, decks are exposed to snow and ice, and it is critical that they are cleared of standing water and snow in a timely manner.


In order to keep the deck decorations in good condition for a long time, we need to adopt different maintenance methods for different types of stains to keep the deck looking the same. For specific maintenance recommendations, please refer to the related articles.

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