5 Worthwhile Tips On Wood Plastic Composite Floor

Wood Plastic Composite Floor

The wood plastic composite floor is a kind of relatively newly emerging decking material. When we first come into contact with new things, collecting as much relevant information as possible can help us have a comprehensive understanding of the new things, which will help us make correct judgments and choices.

This article will introduce wood plastic composite flooring from as many aspects as possible and hope it will be helpful to you.

Material of wood plastic composite floor

The wood plastic composite floor is also called as WPC floor. As the product name implies, it is made of wood fiber and plastic. Wood fiber and plastic are both recyclable. Therefore, it can own both the durability of plastic and the texture of wood.

Performance of WPC decking

WPC decking has won its popularity day by day rely on its high performance. Here are some FAQs you may concern about.

Does WPC decking waterproof?

Absolutely yes. Unifloor composite decking can almost reach fully waterproof.

Does WPC decking slippery?

Unifloor produced wood-plastic composite flooring with diverse surface design styles. Including anti-slip grooves & wood grain; anti-slip grooves on both sides, etc. can effectively prevent slipping. Generally speaking, even the flooring without anti-slip grooves is not slippery.

But there are still some things that may cause slippery, such as the mold caused by the accumulation of fallen leaves, pollen, and debris, which may make the floor slippery over time.

Even if there are water stains on the surface, WPC decking is not slippery at all, but in winter, ice and snow may become a potential factor for slipping. The old composite floor has poor water resistance. After absorbing water, it will produce moss and cause the floor to become slippery.

In order to reduce the probability of the floor becoming slippery, and to clean up fallen leaves, ice and snow, and other deposits in time, a new generation of composite flooring with better waterproof performance is selected to reinforce the safety barrier.

Does WPC decking fade easily?

When we talk about fading, we need to distinguish between the first generation of wood plastic composite decking and the second generation of wood plastic composite decking. The second-generation composite floor is a co-extrusion floor using the latest co-extrusion technology. It adds a layer of PE protective film on the basis of the first generation of traditional laminate flooring.

The cleaning and color fixation is completed in the production process, so it has good fixation properties. It can effectively reduce the color fading caused by factors such as sunlight, and is the product with the best color fixing performance.

Capped Composite Decking

How about its sound absorption effect?

Unifloor composite decking performs well in sound absorption, you can enjoy a peaceful space with it.

Does WPC decking hot in summer?

In summer, under long-term sun exposure, almost any floor material will become hot. Among them, the darker-colored floor will absorb more heat and release more heat energy. In areas that have been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, a lighter-colored floor, such as gray, is recommended to reduce the trouble of heating under your feet.

How to clean WPC decking?

The surface of the wood-plastic floor is not easy to leave stains, so there is basically no need for strong commercial cleaners. The homemade soapy water cleaning method is the most convenient and effective. Just prepare warm water, soap water, and a water hose. Before cleaning, remove all the furniture on the surface and sweep away the fallen leaves and other deposits on the surface.

Clean Composite Decking

Does WPC decking need to maintain?

Compared to floors made of other materials, wood-plastic flooring requires the lowest maintenance. There is no need for regular dyeing, painting, sealing, and other maintenance methods. Keep the floor surface dry and free of deposits, and there will be no mold troubles. Occasional soapy water cleaning can maintain long-term cleaning.

Applications of WPC decking

As for wood plastic composite decking, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, both residential and commercial.

Permit of building a WPC decking
Before you build a deck, you may be confused about if you need a permit to build a deck? At the following conditions, you will need to apply for a permit, while at others, you won’t.
A general rule is a 30-inch regulation.
1. If the deck is connected to the house or 30 inches above the ground, a building permit is required. This is because, for safety reasons, decks above this height should be equipped with railings.
2. If the deck is not connected to anything and is 30 inches or higher, it also requires a permit.

Best look color of WPC decking

The most modern color is gray but you also need to consider the coordination of your house.

light gray

How to choose the most suitable WPC decking products?

First of all, choose the most satisfactory style from the traditional, co-extrusion, and deep-embossed composite flooring according to your most important performance requirements.

Then choose the color according to the overall matching effect of the floor and the house and select different patterns according to your preferences.

Finally, if you are still confused or unsure whether you have made the most correct choice, you can consult us for professional advice. As a one-stop composite decking manufacturer and supply chain. The composite decking is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price.

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