Rightly Knowing Interlocking Composite Deck Tiles From 4 Basic Aspects

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Interlocking composite deck tiles are an ideal and durable alternative to traditional wood deck tiles. It can provide you with a cost-effective alternative solution for your brand new and unique outdoor space if you want to decorate your garden or other outdoor places with a limited budget. And it will not affect the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of decorating in the slightest.

Before we applying them to our outdoor space, we need to know some basic aspects of them. This article includes four aspects, they are the effect of decorating your balcony, garden, or patio; the specific information of Unifloor DIY composite deck tiles; usable applications; and the pros of interlocking composite deck tiles.

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Effect of interlocking composite deck tiles

Based on my current understanding, the effects of outdoor composite deck tiles are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

The first and most frequently played role is decoration. The styles and colors of composite deck tiles that are integrated with the surrounding environment not only increase the beauty of our outdoor space but also increase the possibility of us spending more outdoor time.

The second point is its practicality. The DIY floor with waterproof and non-slip properties is suitable for use near the swimming pool. In addition to the decorative function, it is more of a safety effect.

What do composite tiles look like?

Material: Composite wood panels consist of the same material as composite decking. It consists of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic which is absolutely eco-friendly.

Colors: Unifloor provides 8 different kinds of beautiful colors or customized by customers.

red wood
light gray

Color and atmosphere

Coffee can never be outdated

Wood is the most natural color

Redwood has a sense of vitality

Charcoal with a sense of mystery

Light grey is popular in hot weather

Chocolate shares more texture of life

Cedar fits the traditional decoration style best

Grey is the color with the most sense of modernity

When choosing the right color, you need to consider the overall architectural style of your house. It is better to pursue a harmonious aesthetic.

When it is difficult for you to determine the color, you can order samples to apply, refer to this related article, or contact us for professional advice.

Hot sale WPC deck tiles: the most welcomed patterns are listed here.

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Dt600r Rectangular Deck Tiles Grey

Patterns: solid/hollow/M-type

Specification: 300*300*22mm or 300*600*22mm or customized

Surface treatment: sanded/steel brushed/embossed


All outdoor composite deck tiles are suitable for hard, flat surfaces such as concrete, stone, and wood. Some places are listed here, garden, terrace, outside dining area, luxury tent, patio, marquee, exhibition, city garden, flat roof, and so on.

Why choose composite deck tiles?

High durability even in extreme weather.

High plasticity creates unique personal styles.

Eco-friendly with its 100% recyclable materials.

Reducing solar radiation effectively to avoid fading.

Easy maintenance with warm water, soap water, and water hose.

Various options to meet different needs and also customized service.

Long-lasting beautiful wooden appearance and you will never get tired of it.

Easy to clean and resistant to mold, moss, so they are ideal to use in most areas.

Specific anti-slip narrow grooves. So it is very suitable for use near the swimming pool.

Widely used with its strong waterproof, fireproof, insect resistance, and moisture resistance.

Cleaning all outdoor composite interlocking deck tiles is as simple as using a mild soap solution with a dry cloth.

Besides their superb performance, their easy installation and removal process also makes them more competitive. The interlocking design and tool-free installation allow even the least experienced customer to create his own installation. This feature makes these tiles ideal for temporary events such as outdoor weddings, parties, or exhibitions.


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