6 Absolutely Helpful Steps On How To Clean Composite Decking

How To Clean Composite Decking

How to clean composite decking in order to maintain long-term beauty is a thing that must be figured out. Wood-plastic composite decking owns plentiful inherent advantages, such as strong performance, low maintenance, multiple patterns,  easy installation, easy cleaning, etc. Although composite decking requires almost no maintenance, occasional cleaning is needed for longer-term beauty and use.

Building decks has never been an easy task. From product selection to installation, to cleaning and maintenance, we need to make decisions carefully in every step. Choosing suitable and durable products can save our time, energy, and cost as much as possible. When choosing a deck, we need to consider the material, performance, style, pattern, etc. of it. Not only to meet our practical needs but also to meet our aesthetic needs.

Compared with other materials-especially traditional wood floorings, wood plastic composite flooring has significant advantages in terms of durability, ease of installation, ease of cleaning, and low cost of maintenance. Among them, the capped composite decking that incorporates co-extrusion technology is a wood-plastic core plus a PE protective film to strengthen the protective performance of the floor, not easy to leave stains, and easier to clean.

Unifloor provides a co-extruded decking covering 360 degrees, which is cleaned when the product is produced, providing users with a long-lasting tidy experience. The Co-extrusion floor shares low water absorption and strong impermeability features, which can effectively prevent coffee, sauce, oil stains, and so on. In addition, Unifloor provides 8 colors and customized services, both in sizes and colors.

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So how to clean composite decking? What kind of cleaner is the best? Which cleaning method is the most suitable? What do we need to prepare before cleaning? This post will introduce the matters needing attention when we clean our wood composite flooring.

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When we choose cleaners, the first thing we need to pay attention to is to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid damage or fading of the floor due to the use of inappropriate products. When buying cleaners, avoid cleaners containing sodium hypochlorite which means bleach. Bleach has a strong corrosive effect on the floor, which can easily cause problems such as damage to the surface and fading.

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In fact, we rarely need to worry about stains on the composite decking surfaces. As long as we use the correct way to deal with them instantly, there won’t be difficult stains left on our deck. We hardly need to use a commercial cleaner to clean it. Therefore, a gentler cleaning method is recommended. What is the gentle cleaning method? That is a soap-and-water method.

The soap-and-water method can be used in most general occasions in our daily life, here are some common situations that we can deal with this easy operating method.

  1. Soap water for mildew.
  2. Paper or soap water for drink stains.
  3. Sweeping for the general sundries such as leaves.
  4. Soap water or a pressure washer for dirt between floor grooves.
  5. Instant soap water for oil stains.

How to clean composite decking?

Preparation before cleaning

  1. Prepare materials including a bucket of warm water, a combination of warm water and dish soap, a nylon brush, and a water hose.
  2. Remove all the furniture and decorations on the deck to avoid obstacles or damage.
  3. Sweep debris and leaves on the deck surface.

Cleaning procedure

  1. Wash the deck with warm water.
  2. Scrub the deck carefully with soap water.
  3. Wash the left soap water and stains with a water hose.

The last thing needed is to wait for the deck to dry. Have you learned such a simple and practical soap water cleaning method?


Now we have mastered how to clean composite decking. Warm water, dish soap, a nylon brush, and a water hose for a tidy deck. As a one-stop composite decking manufacturer and supply chain. The composite decking is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price. You will find your decoration solutions in Unifloor.

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