Top 5 Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

Exterior Wall Cladding

Some great exterior wall cladding ideas are displayed here. Exterior wall cladding is one attractive & protective way to change the look and style of your We provide composite wall cladding with high performance.  WPC wall cladding in Unifloor, is a chance to protect and beautify your wall. Several great exterior wall cladding ideas are recommended for your needs.

What the exterior wall cladding will bring?

Whether you’re renovating an old building or building new, adding decorative exterior wall cladding to your building’s exterior can make your home stand out on the street and maintain a good impression for a long time. With the right choice of siding material and the individual style you want to reflect, you will give your home a stunning visual effect.

In addition to adding curb appeal, exterior siding is an effective protective layer that protects the exterior of your home. Quality exterior siding protects the home from sun, rain, wind, temperature extremes, fire, moisture, noise, pests, and more.

Some exterior siding can also be effectively insulated, providing better protection for the interior. Therefore, exterior siding is an affordable and versatile wall covering that is a worthwhile investment. So, what are the recommended options for choosing exterior siding? This article will provide you with some suggestions.

Recommended great wall cladding ideas

Unifloor offers wood-plastic composite exterior wall cladding panels made from a blend of wood and plastic materials. They are durable and environmentally friendly. We offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and types of exterior wall cladding, the recommended types are listed below.

Classic redwood waterproof wall cladding

Unifloor offers several kinds of normal colors and customized colors too, including light grey, grey, charcoal, chocolate, redwood, cedar, original wood, coffee, teak, light-dark green, etc. All products made of wood-plastic composites have good waterproof properties, and exterior wall cladding is no exception.

The mahogany color is the most classic color, which is better matched with the classic style of the home and is suitable for the classic style of decoration. Choose this exterior siding to create a unified style for your interior and exterior spaces.

Teak co-extrusion decorative cladding

Unifloor’s co-extrusion decorative cladding is made from 60% wood fiber and 35% recycled HDPE with 5% of the necessary chemical additives. It is one of the best performing types of exterior wall board. It is recyclable, durable, and easy to clean.

Coextruded composite wall panels are available in a wide range of temperatures: -40°C to 70°C. There is no need to worry about the restrictive nature of the climate. It can be used in most areas. And because its wood content is less than that of pure wood wallboard, it has better weather resistance. It can maintain good performance for a long time without worrying about insects, rot, or other problems.

Grey slatted/fluted exterior wall panel

Slatted/fluted wall cladding has the distinct advantage of being easy to install. It is applicable in courtyards, exterior walls, wood houses, etc. It is popular because of its waterproof, fireproof, and environmentally friendly properties. The gray decor is the most modern, so if you want to create a modern space, it is the ideal choice.

Light dark green anti-scratch exterior wall cladding

Its surface treatment can be selected from sanding, embossing, or woodgrain. It has the advantages of being waterproof, fireproof, and scratch-resistant. To ensure the long-term beauty of the exterior walls, the scratch resistance of the material is also a consideration when choosing outside wall coverings.

The above four types are all vertical designs. There are also some designs that can be installed vertical or horizontal.

Woodgrain exterior wall cladding

The original wood color with detailed and clear wood grain has the closest effect to the original wood. It also overcomes some of the original problems that logs face. If your house is surrounded by trees and vegetation, it will blend in well with the surroundings, and with this decoration, you can deepen the connection with nature. It creates a fresh atmosphere.


Unifloor is the leading composite exterior wall cladding manufacturer and supplier in China. Based on different decoration needs, Unifloor is gradually enriching its product types and styles, so come and find the right decoration for you.

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