How To Install Deck Tiles-9 Important Things You Need To Know

How To Install Deck Tiles

How to install deck tiles is something we need to consider carefully before we decide to buy and apply them. What tools are required for installation? Whether professional installation knowledge and skills are required? Whether the installation procedure is complicated? Whether it is easy to replace? Whether it is easy to clean?

These all require consideration. This article will specifically introduce wood plastic composite deck tiles, specific installation steps, and matters needing attention.

High performance of composite deck tiles

WPC deck tiles stand for Wood-plastic composite deck tiles. It use the same raw materials like wood decking. It consists of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic. Therefore, it is fully recyclable. In addition, it has both the durability of plastic and the texture of wood. Wood-plastic composite deck tiles are highly durable and perform well even in extreme weather, are ideal for outdoor decoration.

The texture of the wood is reflected in the wood fiber composition and surface treatment methods. Unifloor provides three types of DIY composite deck tiles, the first one is a traditional pattern, the second one is capped pattern, the third one is a 360-degree deep embossing pattern. Their surface is sanded, or steel brushed or embossed, or co-extrusion.

First-generation composite deck tiles

Compared with traditional wood tiles, the most prominent feature of composite deck tiles is stronger in weather resistance. It avoids a series of problems caused by traditional wood tiles in the face of climate change and temperature fluctuations, as well as extreme weather, including expansion and contraction, dampness and slippery, mold growth, insects and ants, etc.

The gaps on the composite deck tiles’ surface are conducive to water seepage, and the groove design on the surface can effectively prevent slip. The wood grain on the surface is very natural and beautiful. Therefore, it is a very attractive option.

First Generation Composite Deck Tiles 768x768


Co-extrusion deck tiles add a PE protective layer on the basis of traditional deck tiles, which can better protect the tiles and have stronger durability and color fixation.

Co Extrusion Composite Deck Tiles 768x768

Deep embossing

Deep embossing tiles deepen the texture of the surface and achieve a more beautiful effect.

Deep Embossed Composite Deck Tiles

Interlocking composite deck tiles

In addition to superior performance to other decking tiles materials, the easy-to-install interlocking design enhances its competitiveness greatly. The convenience of DIY composite deck tiles is not only reflected in the ease of deck tile installation, but also in the ease of disassembly.

Because of this feature, it has become an ideal selection for many temporary construction sites. For example, outdoor exhibitions, wedding scenes, and so on.

How to install deck tiles

Step 1 Sweep the ground to ensure a clean, hard, and flat surface.

Step 2 Tools to be prepared: measure equipment, composite deck tiles, circular/jig/hand saw, pencil, paperboard, safety equipment: gloves, goggle

The DIY deck tiles don’t require any installation tools, but if you want to set up a beautiful and regular outdoor space, you need to avoid obstacles. You may need to cut them during your installation.

Step 3 Measure the outdoor area to be decorated and then calculate the number of tiles you need based on the size of them.

Step 4 Lay a few tiles near the door or other devices first, and then open the door and other devices to confirm that they can be used normally and will not encounter obstacles.

Step 5 Start laying deck tiles from the corner to ensure that you do not need to move them later. Lay a piece of floor first, then align the second floor with the buckle of the first tile and press down to connect the two. Then just repeat this step.

Step 6 If you need to remove a tile, you only need to fix a piece of the tile and then lift the other along the edge to complete the disassembly. No tools are needed, it is very convenient and will not damage the tiles.

Step 7 When encountering obstacles or irregular corners, use a paperboard and your pencil. Mark out the part that touches the obstacle on the paperboard and remove it. Then cut the tile according to the marks and install it.

Step 8 Follow the above steps until the installation is over, and you will own a new beautiful courtyard or garden.

Step 9 Keep the surplus tiles to prevent the need of replacing them.

For more professional advice

If you are still confused about installing deck tiles, you can consult us for more professional and specific suggestions. If you already have a general grasp of the installation process, you can also contact us for other information, such as how to determine the most suitable deck color.

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