Can Composite Decking Be Recycled?

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What is the composite decking?

WPC composite decking is an alternative to wood floors. Composite decks are made from a combination of wood flour and plastic. Not only has the texture and appearance of wood, but also the physical characteristics of plastic, which is more durable and long-lasting.

Most composite decks are recyclable. While some cannot be recycled, high-quality wood-plastic floors can last up to 30 years without maintenance due to their durability.

Wood-plastic composite decking is a composite of two or more materials. When these materials are combined, they create something with different physical and chemical properties. Properties are improved and become stronger than those materials themselves.

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Can composite decking recyclable?

WPC deck products are now widely used in many residential and commercial spaces, especially in the ultra-low maintenance category, which can compete with the best wood products in performance, aesthetics, and sustainability.

We are making decisions to make homes and lifestyles greener, which is fully in line with the sustainable company philosophy.

With our wood-plastic composite floor, no other chemicals are required to ensure the safety and beauty of the decking.

Behind recyclable composite decking boards is a shared concept of sustainability.

In order for a WPC decking floor decoration to be “environmentally friendly”, it must be produced in a way that does not negatively impact the environment.

Therefore, Unifloor raw materials are selected from FSC-certified trees. Unifloor is the leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier in China. Please contact us for more information if you have any needs.


In the past few years, human deforestation and very inappropriate management of forests have put the world’s forests into a crisis of scarcity.

The causes of forest problems are nothing more than policy mistakes, market failures, and imperfect institutional systems. In order to prevent this situation from continuing to worsen, FSC, a non-profit organization, was created in Toronto, Canada in 1993 to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management activities.

Our composite decking is made of FSC-compliant raw materials throughout, which means our decking is not only recyclable but also very environmentally friendly.

Recyclable wood-plastic floors that meet FSC standards have many advantages over using solid wood floors:

Recyclable Decking
  • 1. Reduce forest damage and waste of limited resources;
  • 2. Protect endangered species and the ecological environment; 3. Better maintain the ecological function of the forest and the integrity of ecosystems, thereby promoting the sustainable development of forests;
  • 4. Protect biodiversity, but also water resources, soil, and our fragile ecosystems;
  • 5. Improve the use of forest resources to make them develop in the best direction.

Wood composites can be recycled. It represents an excellent eco-friendly choice. Also, we make some decking from recycled materials.

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In addition, there is almost no waste in the manufacturing process of composite decking, and the product does not contain any toxic chemicals. This means that scrapped decking also doesn’t have any bad impact on the environment.

As the world’s second-largest wood consumer, China ranks second in the world in the consumption of man-made panels, pulp, paper, and cardboard, and in the consumption of logs. Limited resources, continuously increasing resource consumption, and the need to protect the ecological environment are full of contradictions and crises. Under such circumstances, the environmental protection industrialization of building materials is the key to realizing “true environmental protection”. Only by combining the “green” and “recyclable” characteristics of products can we be “true environmental protection”. We need a one-time investment, which can be recycled and used continuously, thereby saving resources and achieving the real green and environmental protection purpose.

In the current building market, as people pursue more and more green products, the environmental protection status of decking products has also been improved. In the fiercely competitive market, because the wood-plastic composite decking fully meets the consumer concept of health and environmental protection, it can seek long-term development in the future market.

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