A Guide to WPC Wall Cladding

Wpc Cladding

The word “cladding” refers to a building’s outermost layer. WPC Wall Cladding is designed to protect your exterior building as well as provide a natural timber appearance. Made of 30% HDPE, 60% wood flour, and 10% addictive components, WPC cladding shields your building from environmental harm and can completely change the way it looks.

In this article, we explore the benefits and applications of WPC exterior wall cladding and the methods to care for it in your daily life, which can help you have a better understanding of the product.

Advantages of WPC wall cladding-a combination of wood and plastic

WPC wall cladding is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that incorporates the benefits of wood and plastic. Besides being resilient, durable, and long-lasting, WPC cladding is also incredibly versatile for numerous applications.

Wpc Cladding
WPC Wall Cladding
  • Durable: Compared with natural wood, our WPC wall cladding has superior strength to resist any dent and damage, allowing it to survive in the long run.
  • Eco-friendly: Made of recyclable plastic and wood, our WPC cladding is sustainable and biodegradable, which is beneficial for the environment and mankind.
  • Moisture-resistant: Compared with natural timber, our composite cladding is 100% waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Weather-resistant: It is designed to protect the exterior walls from the influence of severe weather conditions, including low temperatures, glaring sunlight, rain and snow, and toxic chemicals.
  • Chemical-free: Since our WPC exterior cladding is free from harmful substances like lead, methanol, and urea, it does not lead to serious health problems.
  • Termite-resistant: Unlike wood that is severely damaged by termites, our WPC wall cladding is 100% termite-free.
  • Flame retardant: Fabricated from wood fiber and plastic, our WPC exterior cladding is naturally resistant to fire, making it a safe option for exterior walls.
  • Anti-corrosion: Since our composite cladding panels are 100% water-resistant, they won’t absorb water.
WPC Cladding
WPC Cladding

Applications of WPC wall cladding

  • Suitable for residential and commercial buildings
  • Widely used for the exterior walls of villas, cottages, patios, gardens, etc
  • Suitable for the exterior walls of waiting rooms, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc
Wpc Composite Classic Cladding Main Img
WPC Exterior Cladding
Wpc Composite Wall Cladding Main Img
WPC Composite Wall Cladding

How to maintain WPC wall cladding?

Knowing how to maintain WPC wall cladding can extend its lifespan of it and reduce unnecessary costs. Regular maintenance of your cladding is essential to keep your WPC cladding in good condition for daily use. The following are the step-to-step instructions:

  • Mix a mild mixture of water and detergent.
  • Use a soft brush or towel to get rid of the dirt and dust.
  • Use a high-pressure water hose to clean the WPC wall cladding.
  • Avoid using the rough brush from harming the grain of the cladding.

Unifloor WPC wall cladding boards

Wpc Cladding2 Wh 500x500px
3D Embossed WPC Wall Cladding
Wpc Wall Cladding1 Wh 500x500px
Redwood WPC Wall Cladding
Wpc Wall Cladding Wh 500x500px
Wood-effect WPC Wall Cladding

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