How to Choose the Best Non Slip Composite Decking

Non Slip Composite Decking

Are you looking for the best flooring solution? Are you confused about all kinds of materials for decking? For the concern of safety, we recommend you choose non slip composite decking. Anti slip composite decking is available in a variety of anti-slip finishes, giving customers the confidence that their outdoor space will continue to be a secure space to play, relax, and enjoy.

Though there is no decking that is completely slip-resistant, we do know the factors that affect the slip resistance of non slip composite decking. So in this article, we explore how to choose the best non slip composite decking to assist consumers in choosing the best composite decking.

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Non Slip Composite Decking

Groove vs Woodgrain Finishes

The texture of the finishes of composite decking plays a major role in determining the decking area will be. Unifloor offers consumers two options to choose from-natural woodgrain finish or grooved-textured finish, offering the utmost in diversity. Though WPC decking with woodgrain finish has a deep, textured surface to be slip-resistance, we have to admit that grooved-channeled decking offers more grip and outperforms woodgrain-finished decking. So non slip composite decking with a groove finish is a better choice.

Furthermore, compared to our capped ranges of WPC decking, our traditional anti slip composite decking is typically more slip-ressitant. The finishes of traditional decking tend to have more grip than capped ones.

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Anti Slip Composite Decking

Mold and Mildew Resistance

The resistance of your WPC decking against the organic growth of fungus, mold, and mildew affects how slippery your decking area will be. The finish on any exterior space becomes not only ugly but slippery as a result of moisture accumulation over time. Moreover, this kind of compound tends to consume the timber material, making it quite challenging to eliminate the stains. Luckily, our non slip composite decking is fabricated from slip-resistant material, giving customers the assurance that their outdoor flooring will remain slip-resistant for its entire lifespan.

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Laying Patterns of Non Slip Composite Decking

The slip resistance of your outdoor decking space is significantly influenced by the direction in which you lay out your WPC decking boards. We noticed a distinction in performance between the vertical and horizontal directions of the boards while measuring the slip resistance of each finish. We advise putting your non slip composite decking in the direction that is adjacent to the major direction of footfall traffic. At the “pre-installation” planning stage of their project, we advise clients to take this into account.

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