1 Comprehensive Introduction On Composite Deck Screws

Composite Deck Screws 1

When we try the WPC decking for the first time, we may be confused that what kind of screw do we need, what’s the function and how to use it. This blog is a comprehensive introduction to composite deck screws, including basic information, comparison with traditional wood screws, Unifloor deck fastening system, and its potential problems.

Composite deck screws

Screws for composite decking are an essential part of the hidden fastener system. It is used with a starter clip, spacer clip, and T chip as one set to form a hidden fastener system. Hidden fasteners are used to fasten the deck and achieve a fastener-free decking surface at the same time.

Comparison with traditional wood screws

Why do we regard composite deck screws as the best choice for composite decking installation? Here are some reasons. Let’s compare it with traditional wood screws. Compared with traditional wood screws, composite deck screws are more weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

The large heads of wood deck screws may be ejected by the shrinkage and expansion of the deck, which may cause a security risk. While the composite deck screws are easier to drill into the composite decking. Besides, they are hidden at the bottom of the deck to create a smooth decking surface without any potential obstacles. The composite deck screws perform well in weather resistance and water resistance as the composite decking itself.

Unifloor deck fastening system

Ingeniously hidden fasteners provide reliable support in invisible corners. There are various materials for composite deck screws. For example, stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel. Since the decking carries people and furniture, we must take the durability and solidity of screws into consideration for longer and safer usage.

A hidden deck fasteners comparison is needed. We need to choose the best screws for our decking. Unifloor Deck fastening contains starter clips with stainless steel screw, plastic spacer clip & screw as one set, spacer clips & screw as one set for convenient installation.

Starter Clip & Screw As One Set

Starter clip is a kind of hidden deck fastener used to fasten the first and last deck. They are manufactured to achieve a fastener-free surface. Unifloor starter clips are made of wood-plastic composite materials that are recyclable. Starter clips featured high strength, low wear, and no deformation. Meanwhile, it requires no painting, no glue, and low maintenance. Regarding specifications and colors, we accept customized services to meet your needs.

Starter Clipscrew

Plastic Spacer Clip & Screw As One Set

Unifloor composite decking T clips and plastic fixings with stainless screws are produced to fit in the composite decking grooves. It is set to fix decking and avoid lateral movement of decks. This set is easy to install, and it is very effective in reducing movement. While maintaining a clean deck surface, it has strong abrasion resistance and durability. We have 9 color options, 11 width options to consider and customized service is also available.

T Clip Spacer Screw

Spacer Clip & Screw As One Set

Spacer clips are used with screws to effectively connect and fix your decking. At the same time, they are hidden fasteners, which will not affect the clean appearance of the floor. The two perfectly match and perfectly fit the groove of the floor. They are durable with low maintenance. It’s easy to install with slot holes. Thanks to the special locking of the upper part, quick assembly is possible.

Spacer Clip Screw

Potential composite decking screws problems

The composite deck screws themselves can match the composite deck very well, but there are some things that need to be paid attention to. Here are some suggestions.

Climate requirements. Composite deck screws and other hidden fastener accessories work best in places with plenty of space and adequate ventilation to decrease the extrusion of moisture.

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