Everything You Need About Laying Composite Decking

Laying Composite Decking

Laying composite decking is a popular outdoor decorating project. There are many aspects to consider when laying decking. In order to achieve a long life for your deck, Unifloor provides a comprehensive installation guide for your reference. This article will cover the types of ground suitable for decking, and the specific steps to install a deck, and will be helpful to you. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact our professional team for advice.

Suitable ground

The first thing we need to consider is what kind of ground is suitable for building a composite deck? In addition to the flat surface, can composite decking be installed on uneven ground? The answer is yes. Even the ground with a certain slope can be built safely by some means. The conclusion is that no matter what type of ground, after some efforts to turn it into a flat and stable surface, then build a deck on it.

How to lay composite decking

Building a deck requires some professional knowledge, but it will not be difficult. After mastering the following basic principles, I believe you can become an installation expert and complete the deck installation smoothly.

Stable framework

Composite Decking Subframe C

The solidity of the frame is the key to the solidity of the deck. A solid structure is a good building block for a decorative project. To match the long life of a wood-plastic composite deck, the materials used for the frame need to be equally durable. Metal materials (steel and aluminum), recycled plastic, and composite materials are recommended here. Unifloor offers wood-plastic composite decking along with an adjustable base system to help you complete your installation.

Regarding the installation of the frame, here are three suggestions.

First, ensure sufficient ventilation under the deck, unobstructed airflow can effectively reduce mold.

Second, maintain a proper slope, which is conducive to deck drainage, avoiding water accumulation on the deck surface and preventing problems such as mold as well as slippery decks.

The third is to maintain the proper spacing between joists. If the joists are spaced too far apart, the deck may be unstable, and if the joists are spaced too close together, more material will be used and the installation will be more complicated. Please refer to the following recommendations for specific decking frame spacing.

Specific steps of laying composite decking

Once the frame is built, it’s time to install the deck. Unifloor wood-plastic composite decking’s unique hidden fastener installation system makes installation easier and makes for a more aesthetically pleasing surface. The specific installation steps are as follows.

Required Materials

Composite Decking Board

Composite Decking Joists

Hidden Fasteners: composite decking starter clips; composite decking clips; composite decking screws; expansion screw

Edge Boards: composite decking edge trims

Rubber Hammer


Fixing Joists

Decide the dispersing between the two joists, 30cm is suggested for square hollow decking; 35cm for round hollow decking, and 40cm for solid decking. Then, drill joists and fix them with expansion screws.

Joist Spacing 1

A distance of 3cm from the building is required.

Distance Space 2

Start your installation with the first board.

Laying Composite Decking Board 3

Associating the two boards with plastic T clips and screws, the distance across the opening ought to be under 3/4 of the measurement of the screw to improve the grasp of the screw. (You may need a rubber hammer to knock the boards gently for equal gaps and a beautiful surface.)

Hidden Fasteners 4

Repeat this process until the last board. The last step is to set the edge boards on decking and fix them with screws, then the installation is complete.

Composite Edge Boards 5


Overall, wood plastic composite decking is durable and easier to install than other types of decking. There are only a few procedures to understand and principles to master to achieve an easy installation that will also last a long time.

As a one-stop composite decking manufacturer and supply chain, the composite decking is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price. Please contact us for more information if you have any needs.

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