Wood Plastic Composite Decking – 1 Quick & Readable Guide

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As a new popular trend, you must have heard about composite decking boards before. When you are selecting a material for your next outdoor project, you may be confused about which material is right for you. But before you buy it for your next project, you need a clear and comprehensive understanding of this material.

This is a fast guide for you to know about wood plastic composite decking. It can help you to form a basic understanding of it. When you are sure that it is really worth a try, learn more through other specific articles, or contact the brand for specific outdoor decoration solutions.

What is a composite decking made of?

WPC is a new type of environmentally friendly material filled with waste wood flour, rice husk, straw, and other natural fibers, combined with recyclable plastics, and has the performance advantages of natural fibers and plastics. In terms of composition, it has both environmental performance and durability.

Is wood-plastic composite deck board durable?

The answer is certainly yes. The durability of wood-plastic composite flooring is guaranteed by its superior weather resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, UV resistance, and waterproof, fireproof, and anti-slip features, etc.

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Is it easy to install?

Generally speaking, the installation of wood-plastic composite flooring is easier than other materials, especially traditional wood flooring. This is due to its invisible installation accessory system. This is an incredible invention for all those who are looking for a better outdoor home experience.

Please rest assured that each brand of the product will provide installation process instructions and professional guidance, which makes it easy to install wood-plastic composite flooring by yourself. For first-timers, it is an opportunity to challenge. The specific details may vary from brand to brand.

Is the maintenance procedure complicated?

For household products, whether indoor or outdoor, in addition to aesthetics, we must seriously consider how to maintain aesthetics. Therefore, we have to consider the issue of floor cleaning and maintenance. The wood-plastic composite floor is very easy to maintain and clean due to its material and surface technology. The cleaning and maintenance recommendations for Unifloor’s wood-plastic composite floor are as follows.

Contrasted with other materials, a wood-plastic deck requires the least maintenance. There is no requirement for ordinary oiling, painting, and other procedures. Keep the surface dry, and there will be no worries. There is essentially no requirement for cleaners. Soap water cleaning is the most widely used cleaning method. Simply get ready warm water, soap water, and a water hose. Prior to cleaning, eliminate all the furniture on a superficial level and clear away the fallen leaves and other decorations from the floor surface.

Is wood-plastic composite decking expensive?

As analyzed above, the initial cost of WPC decking is generally higher than the other three materials. Contrasted with the higher establishment cost of vinyl decking, the WPC decking is a lot simpler to build. Contrasted with the advanced modern style of aluminum decking, wood plastic decking shares a more normal grain insight. Considering the yearly support cost and upkeep time of wood decking, the cost difference between the two materials is less than anticipated.

Is composite decking really worth it?

Wood-plastic composite flooring solves many problems faced by old materials in terms of performance, and various manufacturers are trying to improve their products to provide consumers with more durable, more convenient, and more beautiful products. The price of wood-plastic composite flooring will be a little higher than that of other materials. If it is within the budget, it is a good investment and convenient for long-term use. Unifloor is the leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier in China. Please contact us for more information if you have any needs.

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