Why Composite Eco Deck?

Eco Deck

Eco deck is becoming the preferred decorative material and represents the future of decorating, and Unifloor, as a specialized manufacturer of outdoor decorative products, always strives to be eco-friendly. We are happy to work with customers around the world to provide eco-friendly and long-lasting decorative solutions to those who need them.

Why composite eco deck?

In today’s eco-conscious society, it has become more common to adopt a lifestyle that has less impact on the environment. That’s why eco composite decking is being recognized by more builders as the preferred decorative material. So, what do you know about ecodecking? This article will cover what makes it eco-friendly, what other advantages it has, what factors to consider when choosing a deck material, and more. If you are choosing eco-friendly materials for your patio decor, then you will get your answer here.

How do you make a deck selection?

Upfront cost, product performance, and post-maintenance are the three most common factors that people consider when choosing a deck.

Upfront cost

Compared to other non-recyclable material types, the upfront cost of recycled plastic decking is relatively high. In terms of price alone, it is somewhere between the price of softwood decking and hardwood decking.

Product Performance


Ecowood decking is also durable. It will not rot and is resistant to insect infestation. It can last up to decades. Greatly extends the cycle of replacing outdoor decorative decking, even without replacement. The surface can be effectively waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Beautiful appearance

Our products have been carefully designed to look and feel like natural wood. Our eco deck is available in a variety of attractive colors and wood grain finishes to make your outdoor space more attractive.


Among the various material types, the aftercare requirements for traditional wood decks are relatively high. In order to maintain the appearance and extend the service life, we need to paint, stain, and oil once a year. Whereas the maintenance of wood-plastic composite eco-friendly decking is relatively simpler and easier. No such maintenance measures are required. A timely sweeping of the surface, a small amount of soapy water, and a hose down will keep the surface clean and in good condition. This is an important factor in the popularity of eco decks. Please refer to more information on how to maintain the eco deck.

How is a composite deck eco-friendly?

Eco deck is eco-friendly in two normal ways. One is the environmental friendliness of the raw material. The other is the eco-friendly cleaning method.

There are various materials used to make decks, but not every one of them can be effectively recycled, and no doubt those that cannot be recycled become landfills.

WPC is made by mixing different proportions of recycled plastic and recycled wood. Unifloor makes WPC products by extracting wood fibers from recycled wood and mixing them with recyclable plastic, which does not contain toxic substances. The composition is: 65% wood fiber + 30% recyclable HDPE + 5% non-toxic additives.

We offer many types of WPC products that are all recyclable. There is no need to cut down trees to obtain raw materials, so there is no added ecological pressure. The waste and replaced decks can be disposed of as construction waste normally.

Unlike the traditional wooden decks that require chemicals for cleaning, nothing harmful to the environment is used or produced during the entire process of cleaning an eco-friendly deck.


Eco deck is loved by everyone because of its environmental friendliness, durability, long-lasting beauty, and low maintenance of the material. Unifloor is the leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier in China. Unifloor is gradually enriching and upgrading its products, if you need, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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