What’s The Best Composite Decking Around Pool?

Composite Decking Around Pool

Capped composite decking is the best composite decking around pool. It is suitable for pool decking because this type of decking offers a higher level of water resistance as well as slip resistance, easy maintenance, etc. Unifloor offers you various styles of co-extruded composite decking. The ideal place to enjoy your summertime.

Installing a pool in your backyard is a fun way to relax during the increasingly hot summer months, and you can create a cool space during the scorching summer heat. You can choose to build both an above-ground pool and an inground pool.

Material options suitable for use around pools

Pool decking is necessary and important to provide safe walking areas and relaxation around the pool, so what materials can be used around the pool? Some common materials include poured concrete, pre-cast cement pavers, brick, WPC, and stone tile. We believe that by comparing the properties of these materials, we can learn more and know what materials are most suitable for pool surrounds.

Factors to consider for the best material

To ensure that your pool deck is safe and strong for years to come, you need to be rigorous in your choice of deck materials. So, what factors need to be considered when choosing a pool deck.

First of all, walking barefoot on a deck is the norm, so always remember the two requirements of comfort and safety when choosing a deck. In addition, budget, safety, maintenance, durability, and how well it fits in with the surrounding landscape are also factors to consider.

Anti-slip property

Slip resistance is a top priority for deck material selection. Many materials can become slippery when wet, which can increase the risk of slipping. Especially tile, so will WPC decking become slippery when wet? The answer is no. Anti slip composite decking has a non-slip design. The texture of the surface and the non-slip grooves allow for good slip resistance.

Heat reflectivity

Any deck surface will warm up after a long period of heat and sun exposure. But tile decking does so to the most significant degree.

A light-colored composite deck absorbs less heat and heats up less than a dark-colored WPC deck. Wood-plastic composite decking incorporating insulation technology can be a good solution to this problem.


In terms of aesthetic effect, pool decks made of stone slabs and bricks have non-negligible advantages. However, in terms of installation, it seems to cost a lot of labor. In comparison, the installation cost of poured concrete will be relatively low.

Diversity of options

In terms of design versatility, decorative concrete and wood-plastic composite decking can be achieved. Both can offer a wealth of options in terms of color, size, and finish.

Easy to maintain

All of the above materials are easy to take care of and do not take much maintenance time.

What is the best composite decking around pool?

Co-extruded WPC decking is a wood-plastic composite deck that incorporates the latest in co-extrusion technology. The core of co-extruded wood plastic composite decking is protected and durable enough to make it the ideal choice for the best composite decking around pool. Unifloor supplies capped composite decking for both residential and commercial use with a warranty of 15 years. Both solid and hollow designs are available.

Unlike typical surface decking, pool decks that are exposed to water for long periods of time have higher performance requirements for water and slip resistance. Whether considered from the standpoint of slip resistance, durability, cost-effectiveness, versatility, or ease of maintenance, co-extruded composite decking around pool meets them all, making it the best pool deck.

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