Can Composite Decking Panels Be Cut?

Composite Decking Panels

Unifloor composite decking panels can be cut just like wood. Three common cutting tools include circular saws, table saws, and miter saws. Please choose the right tool for your needs and take safety precautions to avoid injury.

When you consider choosing the wood plastic composite decking panels as your outdoor decoration material, the question you will definitely consider is whether it is cuttable or not. The answer is yes. So, do you need to treat the surface of the deck when cutting? No, it is not necessary. Cutting composite decking panels should be done without damaging their integrity so as not to damage the surface of the deck to avoid reducing the performance of the deck.

Do you need a professional to cut the deck?

The cutting and installation of decking require some expertise. If you are not a professional installer or do not yet have the relevant experience, it pays to hire a professional.

With experience and tools, a professional can complete the project more efficiently. With expertise, you can create a more comfortable and beautiful living space. If you want to try cutting wood composite decking panels yourself, this article will cover some of the cutting tools, considerations, and how to cut composite decking panels.

Recommended tools for cutting composite decking panels

Table Saw

When cutting composite decking panels, you should use a saw blade that is both flexible and sharp. Three tools are recommended for good cutting results: circular saws, table saws, and miter saws.

A circular saw blade cuts the deck by rotating and sharp teeth. It is a handheld saw blade. Circular saws can cut easily and smoothly. If you use a blade with fewer teeth, the cutting speed will be faster. And to avoid accidents, it is recommended to clamp the deck while using a circular saw to make the cut.

Or, you can choose a table saw. The table saw is very simple to use, you just need to push the deck against the blade. The table saw is a safe and easy to use, practical, and versatile way to cut. The table saw blade, which is 7 to 9 inches in diameter and has a small number of teeth, is best suited for cutting wood-plastic composite decking panels.

A third option is the miter saw. Miter saw blades come in a variety of types. This tool has an adjustable blade, so it is the most accurate way to cut.

These three cutting tools have their own characteristics, but what they all have in common is that they can be used easily to make smooth and clean cuts. Generally speaking, a blade with more teeth will bring smoother outcomes, and fewer teeth mean faster speeds.


Before starting your project, review the precautions and prepare all the tools needed to ensure the best possible cut of the composite decking panels.

1. Tape measure

2. Pencil

3. Eye and ear protection

Recommended time for cutting the decking

Slight expansion or contraction due to temperature changes is hard to avoid, which can have an effect on the cutting of the deck. Composite decking panels become more pliable and less convenient to cut when the temperature is high. Therefore, cooler morning temperatures are more suitable for cutting.

How to cut composite decking panels?

The cutting of composite decking has similarities to the cutting of ordinary wood.

1. Marking. Mark where the deck needs to be cut.

2. Determine the type of cut. Determine the suitable cutting tool accordingly.

3. Leave a few inches of decking edge for allowance.


The composite decking panels can be cut. For the selection of cutting tools for wood-plastic composite boards, both flexibility and sharpness need to be satisfied. Different saw blades have different characteristics and effects. Choose the type of saw blade that best suits your needs and pay attention to your own safety in the process of using it.

If necessary, hire a professional installer for cutting and installation. If you have any other questions about the composite decking panels cutting, please contact us and we look forward to answering your questions. As a composite decking panels manufacturer and supplier, we provide both high-quality products and services.

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