Best Decking Material 2022

Best Decking Material 2022

What is the best decking material 2022? The answer to this question varies for different needs. The best material is the one that meets your needs within your budget. So how do you choose the best material for you among the many types of materials available?

In the past, the choice of decorative materials was limited. Now, the types of deck materials are gradually becoming more abundant. There are dozens of different materials to choose from. The types of materials suitable for interior and exterior deck decoration are diverse. Each material has its own advantages and, inevitably, disadvantages. So what are the characteristics of each of the various materials? This article will recommend the best performing materials for you in several important ways, and then it’s up to you to determine which is best for you, and which is the best deck material 2022.

Low Maintenance

Best Decking Material 2022

If low cost and ease of maintenance are a priority, composite decking has an advantage over traditional wood decking in terms of low maintenance. Composites are types of materials that combine base materials with other materials through adhesives. A WPC( wood-plastic composite) deck is a type of deck that combines wood fibers with some type of recyclable plastic through an adhesive.

Unifloor wood-plastic composite decking itself is divided into different types due to different processing and surface treatments. Its durability, strength, and longevity will also vary. Because of the difference in the proportion of wood fiber in traditional wood decking and WPC decking, the corrosion resistance of the two is also different. Wood-plastic composite decking does not require regular oiling, sealing, or painting. In order to maintain long-lasting good performance and beauty, the surface should be cleaned in time or washed with soapy water.

Besides low maintenance, composite decking is recommended as the best decking material 2022 because of its high weather performance and strong durability.


Wood Decking 768x960

If price is a priority, pressure-treated lumber has the edge in terms of price. Pressure-treated lumber is popular for its affordability. However, there are some problems with it and you need to consider if these are what you are looking for. Pressure-treated lumber is generally stable, and as a result, swells, shrinks, cracks, and warps to a greater degree, and you may need to have your deck replaced in a relatively short period of time. In addition, pressure-treated lumber requires more maintenance to achieve long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing decks, including annual power washing and painting, etc.

Cool Surface

Aluminum Decking 768x768

If the deck’s performance in the hot summer months is a priority, then aluminum decking is your best choice. Aluminum decking may not be as common, but you can still learn about it before making a decision. In hot weather, aluminum decking is cooler than other types of decking materials because of its excellent heat dissipation properties. Aluminum decking has other advantages, such as weather resistance, mildew resistance, slip resistance, fire resistance, and insect resistance.

And compared to wood, wood-plastic composite, plastic wood, etc., aluminum decking is almost the lightest decking material. However, there is a hesitation in aluminum decking. The cost of metal decking is higher than that of cork, so the price is higher than that of cork decking.

Natural Features

Cedar Wood Decking 768x576

If the natural characteristics of the material are a priority, the answer is original wood. Redwood and cedar are the most popular choices. These two types of wood are naturally resistant to rot and insects. It is important to note that there are different grades of wood used for decorative purposes, so be sure to check with the manufacturer for the best grade of decorative wood. In most cases, logs cost 3-5 times more than pressure-treated lumber. The exact price varies depending on the grade. Log decks face the problem of fading and the labor and cost required for post-maintenance needs to be considered. Log decks require annual cleaning as well as painting, etc.

Best decking material 2022

Wood-plastic composite decking is gaining popularity and is quickly becoming a mainstay in the decorating industry. What is the best decking material 2022? Now, you have got a clear answer.

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