Does Outdoor Composite Decking Get Hot?

Outdoor Composite Decking

Outdoor composite decking is the preferred decking material of the 21st century. It offers significant advantages in terms of weather resistance, water resistance, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. However, in the hot sun, the surface temperature inevitably rises, but don’t worry, there are still many ways to keep your decking cool.

Will outdoor composite decking get hot?

The best place to spend your summer is outdoors. After the long cold season is over, it’s time to host parties and gatherings in your backyard. When considering the installation of outdoor composite decking, we need to take into account the impact of outside environmental factors on the decks. This includes the effect of temperature, humidity, etc. on the shape of the floor and whether the floor will warp. Read more about this issue of composite wood for decking.

Many people will also be concerned about whether outdoor composite decking will get hot in the hot summer months. Early composite decking did suffer from this problem, but with the continuous upgrading of materials, Unifloor high-quality outdoor composite decking has better heat resistance than wood decking. In the meantime, there are several ways you can cool down your deck and keep it cooler.

How to keep the outdoor composite decking cool?

While modern composite decking is not easily affected by temperature, almost any surface can get hot on a sunny summer day. If your garden decor is heating up because of the summer heat, don’t worry, you can cool your decking down with the following methods and you can still enjoy a cool outdoor space.

Build artificial or natural shade

If your deck doesn’t have a roof covering, then it can heat up quickly. To avoid this problem, you can choose to build artificial or natural shade.

1. Plant trees for long-term shelter, shade from the sun, and add vitality to your outdoor space. But be careful to avoid the leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. of trees falling on the floor pile. To sweep the debris on the surface of the floor in time to avoid the accumulation of mold and mildew growth.

2. If you don’t have enough patience and time to wait for the trees to grow slowly, you can choose to build an artificial cover.

(1) Build a shaded space. A shade structure such as a roof, canopy, or umbrella can prevent direct sunlight from hitting the floor and keep it cool.

(2) You can also choose to build a pergola or a porch with a canopy. Creating a shaded or semi-shaded area can help relieve the heat. Providing a comfortable outdoor space for you and your family, you can enjoy the serenity of summer while gaining a sophisticated look that also enhances the aesthetic and economic value of your home. Unifloor also offers materials for composite pergola building. Please feel free to contact us if you need us.

Use the designed decking

Use a deck that is designed to resist the heat of the sun. Some manufacturers will incorporate cooling technology that allows your deck to remain as cool as possible while the sun shines. Let you and your family enjoy the sunny moments while not having to endure the heat of the floor.

Choose a lighter deck color

The darker the color of the deck, the more light it will absorb, which also means more heat. The lighter the color of the deck, the cooler it will be in direct sunlight. If you live in an area with a lot of hot weather, it is recommended that you purchase a lighter-colored deck. As a professional outdoor composite decking manufacturer and supplier, you can consult us for the most popular color options, or we can recommend a color match for the best installation.

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