Composite Corner Trims – 1 Ideal & Easy Edge Decoration

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Composite corner trims – an ideal & easy decoration way for your deck edge. If you want a complete and beautiful outdoor decking area, decorating the edge of the floor is the last key link.

Function of corner trims

Composite corner trim is an L-angled shape piece that can be used on the edge of your composite decking area. It is a kind of practical corner decoration, which can achieve safe and beautiful effects when combined with your deck. It only needs simple fixation with adhesive or screws. Unifloor L corner trims share the same material as our composite decking, they are quite durable.

How to install them to your decking?

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1. Carefully plan and check all measures of the whole area.

2. Measure the length of your decking edge, and then cut the corner trim to get the suitable length. The good news is, it is quite easy to cut, just like timber. So it is practical to get the ideal size easily.

3. After you have got the right size, then you have two choices to attach it to your deck. You can attach it with adhesive or screws. No matter which method you use, remember to leave some space for the possibility of expansion.

Regarding the expansion caused by temperature fluctuation, a 2mm expansion gap when joining composite corner trim is recommended. If you choose adhesive, only glue on the upper side is recommended.

4. Paste it to the floor edge. The first piece of corner trim is attached successfully.

5. Just follow the above procedure to attach the second, and the third, until to have a satisfied finished look.

Pros and cons of composite corner trims


1. High performance. It owns all the benefits of WPC material, recyclable wood, and durable plastic.  It is durable with low maintenance. It is as easy as the decking to maintain.

2. Longer lifespan. It is long-lasting benefits from its strong weather resistance, insect resistance, water resistance, and slip resistance.

3. It is easy to cut and easy to install which makes it possible to do it by yourself easily. The installation steps are all described above.

4. Multiple choices on colors and patterns to meet your needs better. 8 popular colors to choose from or customized service is also available.

5. The price is reasonable and affordable. It costs less than a piece of deck.


At the edge of the trim, it is easy to trap water and dirt which makes it harder to clean.

Unifloor composite L corner trims

Composite Corner Trim1 768x512
Composite Corner Trim2 768x512
Composite Corner Trim3 768x512

It is the finishing touch to the edge of your outdoor decking. It provides a complete, neat visual effect for your deck. Our L-angle trim is easy to use and clean. We offered customized services to meet different requirements. The following is the specific information about the product.

Sizes: 134×24mm, 138×23mm, 138×26mm, 140×21mm, 140×25mm, 140×30mm, 150×25mm, 150×35mm, 157×22mm, 200×24mm, 200×25mm, or customized.

Applications: outdoor space like garden, pool, park, balcony, patio, etc.

Material component: 30%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)+ 60% Wood fiber component + 10% chemical additives.

Thickness: 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 50mm.

Colors: wood, redwood, chocolate, coffee, gray, light gray, cedar, charcoal, or customized.

Surface treatment: groove, sanding, brush, embossing,3D embossing.

Service life: It lasts 15 years with a warranty of 5 years.

Certificates: FSC, CE, ISO 90012008, SGS.

In addition to composite corner trim, there are many other ways to decorate the edges of composite flooring, including, picture framing, raised fascia board, painting the ends, attaching decking veneer, composite nosing strips, vinyl stair nosing cove, or plastic end caps. For more information about WPC accessories, please refer to Unifloor WPC accessories.

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