Can You Use Composite Decking Boards For Fencing?

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Can you use composite decking boards for fencing?

Can you use composite decking boards for fencing? Those who are refinishing their fences may want to consider installing a fence with composite decking boards. While composite decking is too heavy for fencing. Compared with WPC decking, composite fence panels and composite decorative boards are more suitable for the construction of fences.

WPC is a high-quality decorative material, and it is also suitable for the manufacture of other outdoor decorative items, including composite decking, composite balustrade, composite wall cladding, composite bench, composite pergola, composite planter boxes, etc.

Wholesale WPC fence panels in Unifloor

Unifloor provides various kinds of wholesale WPC fence panels and WPC decorative boards.

Introduction of composite fence panels

In order to help you have a more comprehensive understanding of fence panels, this article will introduce Unifloor’s fence panels from the following aspects.

Installation method: The fence panels introduced above support horizontal installation. Horizontal fencing is a stylish, modern installation that definitely presents a distinctive effect. It adds to your curb appeal. In short, horizontally installed fencing is a great way to enhance the appearance of your yard.

Color: To match the color and style of more house architecture, we offer 8 standard colors to choose from. Alternatively, our products support custom colors if you have specific needs.

Surface: We apply different processing techniques on the surface of fence panels, sanding/woodgrain/3D-embossing surfaces are available.

Customizable length: Please tell us the length of fence panels you need, and we will customize it for you.

Introduction of composite decorative boards

The wood-plastic composite decorative board is a kind of board that can be applied flexibly. Its thickness is thinner and lighter than wood-plastic composite decking, which makes it more suitable for fence installation. In addition to fence boards, they can also be used as cladding boards and edge boards.

Unifloor produces 4 types of decorative surfaces with different designs on both sides, you are free to choose the type of surface to be shown inside and the type to be shown outside. woodgrain/sanding/deep embossing woodgrain/groove surfaces are available.

Customizable length: Please let us know the length of the decorative panel you need and we will customize it for you.

How good is composite fencing?

Why choose a wood-plastic composite fence? What are its benefits? Composite material is a mixture of wood and plastic, making it very strong and durable, and fully recyclable. WPC can resist the effects of various external environmental factors and is the least constrained type of fencing material among many. In addition, building a durable wood plastic composite fence can increase the curb appeal of your home; protect privacy; and if you have pets in your home, restrict them from running out of your yard.


Wood-plastic composite fence panels are not as easy to start rotting due to moisture and mold, etc. as wooden fences.


Wood-plastic composite fence panels have a very low water absorption rate, which means high water resistance.


Wood-plastic composite fence panels will not rust like metal fences.

Weather resistance

WPC composite fence panels can cope with all kinds of weather and will not be damaged by temperature changes.


You can choose your favorite color and style to decorate your yard from the rich color types. And the wood-plastic composite panels have excellent color retention, so your fence can maintain its beautiful appearance for long years.

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