A Helpful Comparison Among Composite Posts And Another 6 Materials

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Composite posts can be widely used in outdoor decorations, not only in composite decking, composite balustrade but also in composite fencing. This article is about composite posts for fences. Since you can have a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of something through the comparison between similar things, we compare composite posts with another 6 kinds of fencing posts materials here.

The fence plays a strong role in beautifying the courtyard, enhancing the value of the house, protecting the privacy space, and avoiding external troubles. But building a fence is a big outdoor project. Therefore, when you decide to build a fence for your house, you need to carefully choose the most suitable fence material to achieve the effect once and for all.

The commonly used materials of fence posts include the following seven types, wood post, metal post, aluminum post, vinyl post, brick post, stone post, and composite post.

Wood Post

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Before many new types of fence post materials appeared, wood was indeed the most readily available, and it was reasonably priced.

Commonly used wood fence types include cedar, oak, and pine. Among them, pressure-treated wood can last longer than most materials, but its shortcomings are that it has poor weather resistance and is difficult to deal with damage to it by the external environment. It faces rot, insect, and other problems, and it accumulates over time. It will increase the difficulty of maintenance.

Compared with wood posts, composite posts can effectively prevent problems such as insects and deformation. It is due to its particular material components, wood fiber, and recycled plastic. The co-extruded post is based on the traditional, with an additional layer of protective film, which can more effectively resist the influence of adverse factors such as weather and maintain good performance for a long time.

Metal Post

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They are generally made of steel. It is suitable for both flat and uneven surfaces. Metal post can be the most durable and stable choice, and also the most expensive choice. The price of composite materials is slightly lower than that of metal materials, but composite posts are relatively more portable and easier to install. Metal posts need to be installed correctly by professionals.

Aluminum Post

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Aluminum posts are very durable, reasonably priced, and easy to maintain. The controversial point is that while blocking external interference, it will not block the outdoor scenery. But from another perspective, it keeps little privacy. The composite posts can create a private space. So it must be measured in accordance with your own needs.

Vinyl Post

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Vinyl posts cost less than composite and metal posts, and they are durable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to crack under high-temperature conditions. The installation process may require professionals.

The biggest difference with composite posts is that vinyl is not eco-friendly. This is because part of its raw materials come from crude oil. The collection, refining, and processing of crude oil all create the possibility of pollution and other environmental hazards.

Vinyl is also not biodegradable because it is made of plastic. And vinyl is more flammable than other materials. The composite post is made of wood fiber and recyclable plastic, so it is renewable. The composite post is more compatible with the needs of environmental protection.

Brick Post

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Brick posts are made of cement and brick. It is not that durable like other materials, but you can design it by your own preferences and keep its uniqueness. By the way, its building process is more complicated than composite posts.

Stone Post

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As shown from the picture above, it displays an awesome effect but is more expensive.

Composite Post

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After comparison from several aspects, we have known that composite posts are eco-friendly, durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, it does cost relatively high than other materials.

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