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What is a siding?

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Composite siding, also known as composite cladding or wall panel, is a protective decoration attached to the exterior wall of a house or other buildings.

It is used to resist the influence of external environmental factors, create a more stable, more comfortable indoor environment and a more durable and more beautiful exterior wall surface.

Comparison among different materials

There are several kinds of composite siding options. Natural wood, medium-density fiberboard, chipboard, fabric panels, PVC panels, gypsum boards and composite wall panels, etc. Each material has its own characteristics, including pros and cons. Finding the pros we value most and avoiding cons as much as possible will make it easier to find the ideal material that best meets needs. Let’s explore which is your best option.

Natural woodVarious woods, easily painted, easy to repair, various textures, eco-friendly, be fixed directlyNeither waterproof, rot proof, fireproof, nor termite proof
Medium-density fiberboardPaints well, budget-friendly, various finishes, 3D design, eco-friendlyNeither waterproof nor moisture resistant, collapse risk, weak nail-holding, requires a thick plywood base, complicated installation
ChipboardRelatively cheap, easy to procureRelatively less strong, restricted applied in dry areas
Fabric panelsSofter and smoother, more widely used indoors, easy to procureDifficult cleaning and maintenance, extreme care needed
PVC panelsWaterproof, fire-resistant, cleaning, quick installationNo scratch-resistant
Gypsum boardsHigh strength, fire-resistant, easy installation, inexpensiveNo weather-resistant
Composite panelsEco-friendly, weather-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, easy installation, cleaning and maintenance, various patternsRelatively high initial price

What is composite board siding made of?

Composite board siding can be made of a variety of materials, including scrap wood materials, sawdust, fiber cement, oriented strand board or OSB, or wood-plastic composite materials. Wood composite siding is made of recyclable wood fiber and plastic which is completely eco-friendly.

Unifloor composite wall cladding

Unifloor is the leading composite wall cladding manufacturer and supplier in China. Please contact us for more information if you have any needs. We provide more than 30 different styles and sizes of composite wall panels to choose from and also accepts customized services to satisfy your expectation. The surface treatment methods of wall panels include three options: traditional pattern, co-extrusion pattern, and deep embossing pattern.

The 3D deep embossed wall cladding has a wooden texture, which is closer to the appearance of real wood and provides 360-degree protection for the panel, which is more durable.

8 Benefits of Unifloor composite cladding

Completely eco-friendly. Wood-plastic composite products can be completely recycled, so there is no need to worry about cutting down more trees or causing more garbage. It means another sustainable choice in the market. It is completely suitable for environmentalists’ choice.

Never requires painting. Instead of annual staining, sealing, or painting, WPC cladding has excellent fade-resistance with long lasting color fixation. There is no need to worry about the damage to the color of the composite siding due to wind, sun and rain even in a long time used.

Easy installation. Combined with matched clips and installation instructions, Unifloor composite cladding is easy to install. Everyone can be the operator without any burden. Come to reap a double sense of achievements and beautiful wall appearance.

Minimal maintenance. Unifloor composite cladding requires the lowest maintenance. Practically zero maintenance required. Time to say bye to complicated maintenance for a beautiful outlook of your wall. One-time installation to enjoy long-lasting clean and attractive appearance.

Resistant & Durable performance. Composite cladding can last 10-20 years, while co-extrusion cladding can last longer time. No worries of swelling, bending, decay or termites due to its high performance. High-quality composite wall panels provides longer great clean looks.

Aesthetic texture. Composite siding is made to mimic the texture of real wood. It can realize the functions of protecting external walls and decorating walls and houses at the same time. Unifloor provides 8 different colors or customized service and 3D deep embossing patterns for you. Meet your aesthetic needs and enhance the value of your peoperty as much as possible.

Protective decoration of your wall. Wall cladding can protect your wall from direct external influence. Unifloor wall cladding can achieve beautiful effects while extending the life of the wall. So your wall can be kept clean and beautiful for a long time.

High cost-effectiveness. Even though the initial price of composite wall panels is relatively higher than other materials, considering the saved maintenance time and money, high cost-effectiveness, in the long run, is worthwhile.

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