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Grey decking

The grey decking is widely welcomed as an outdoor decoration. It is most related to the sense of modernity. This post provides advice on how to decide the most appropriate choice deck colors for you.

The wood-plastic deck is a new type of material in the deck industry, and it also provides users with a new choice. The wood-plastic deck is not only environmentally friendly and durable but also has a good color fixation.

Choosing a wood-plastic floor means choosing long-term, which can not only achieve long-term use but also can not fade for a long time. There is no complicated painting and dyeing process, only the clean and stable color as always. Therefore, it is important to choose a color that really matches your needs. Traditional styles are often brown, and grey deckinga are modern.

Unifloor provides composite deckings with many colors and patterns for users to choose from. The wood-plastic deck can be produced in the same wood grain pattern and color as the traditional wooden deck, gradually approaching the traditional wood in terms of visual effects, and continuously improving in performance.

Traditional Decking Color Grey 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Charcoal 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Redwood 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Cedar 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Coffee 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Chocolate 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Light Grey 300x180
Traditional Decking Color Wood 300x180

Color effect & coordination

Grey decking is the most modern deck color, but the color that best matches the house color and style is the best. To make the most correct choice requires us to have some understanding of color. With a grasp of the color, you can match the composite decking color according to the characteristics of the color itself and the color mood presented, and create your own unique decorative style.

Color effect

The role of decorative color in modern home space is very important, and it is one of the most important forms of expression in modern home space design. Reasonably matching decorative colors in modern home furnishings can meet people’s dual needs for material and spiritual in the modern home space environment.

The decorative colors in the middle have certain physical and psychological attributes, and their influence leads people to have the first visual experience in the indoor space where they are located. Different decorative colors will also give people different changes in psychological activities.

The effect of the physical attributes of decorative colors on people’s feelings is mainly reflected in the visual perception of people. Different decorative colors bring different feelings to people.

For example, in a space dominated by warm colors such as wood, red, orange, and light yellow-gray, people think of sunlight, wheat fields, etc., which give people the feeling of warm sunshine. In the space where blue, purple, gray, and cyan are the main colors, people think of the sky, the ocean, etc., and the feeling it brings to people is refreshing and slightly cool.

In terms of psychological attributes, different colors make people produce different psychological and emotional changes. For example, in the design of modern home space, the use of cool blue-gray tones, purple-gray tones, etc., gives people the psychological feeling of peace, calm, calm, and soothing. The yellow-gray tones, light wood tones, red tones, etc. in the warm colors of the decorative colors will bring people soft, warmth, vitality, enthusiasm, and other psychological feelings.

Coordination of the use of decorative colors

In modern home space design, the rational use of the purity, brightness, and contrast of decorative colors is very important. Their reasonable use is the key to grasping the decorative colors to create a space atmosphere. The good use of decorative colors depends on the designer’s Comprehensive grasp of various factors such as purity, contrast, and color composition.

How to choose the right decking color?

The color of the deck is very important for home decoration. When choosing the color of the deck, we must not only consider our own preferences but also consider the combination with the overall style of the house, the overall effect, and so on. The beautiful deck will not only make our house look unique and beautiful, but also create a comfortable living space for ourselves. So what should we consider when choosing floor colors?

The first thing to consider is the grasp of color coordination described above.

The second point to consider is your geographic location. When choosing a color, you can consider matching the color of the vegetation around your house. In addition, usually in direct sunlight, darker colors will retain more heat, so darker colors are not recommended for sunny areas.

The third point is to bravely try contrasting colors. The collisions between colors are often unexpected. Surprises will appear in front of people who boldly try new things and are full of expectations for surprises.

The fourth point is to order decorative samples in advance and observe carefully. Under different light conditions, observe from different angles to determine whether it meets your aesthetic needs or not.

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