Hollow Vs Solid Composite Decking

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You may face the choice between hollow vs solid composite decking, which is better for your backyard? Backyard composite decks provide a great place for outdoor fun times. Homeowners can build their own outdoor deck space to suit the size and style of their homes. How much do you know about these two types of decks? Which one is more suitable for your needs?

How much do you know about composite decking?

Square Hole Hollow Decking
Square Hole Hollow Decking
Circle Hole Hollow Decking
Circle Hole Hollow Decking
Solid Wpc Decking
Solid WPC Decking

WPC decking is made of wood fibers, plastic, and some bonding agents, but the quality of the decking varies by manufacturer; Unifloor‘s wood plastic composite decking comes with a 15-year warranty and can actually last longer. And, with simple maintenance, it can be kept in good condition for a long time. We offer both solid and hollow deck construction.

Hollow decks include both round hole decks and square hollow decks. How much do you know about hollow vs solid composite decking? What are the characteristics of each of the solid and hollow decks? What kind of place is it suitable for? Which one is more suitable for you? This article will introduce them all.

Hollow vs solid composite decking

For the two types of decking, we will provide you with the following aspects for your reference.


In terms of price, hollow WPC decking is cheaper than solid WPC decking. And square hole decking is the least expensive and most popular of the three types of decking.

Weight-carry ability

Can you put a hot tub on a WPC deck? The answer is yes. The solid deck has a higher load-bearing capacity and can be used with a hot tub, for specific installation suggestions, please refer to the above article.

Hollow decking has a relatively weak load-bearing capacity, so if you might consider placing a hot tub or other heavy items on the deck sometime in the future, then hollow decking is not suitable, and replacing the deck at that time would be a hassle and a waste of cost.

Sound absorption

The solid composite decking has good soundproof performance and absorbs the sound well.

Natural effect

The solid composite decking has a more natural effect. It is as vivid as the timber.

Structural stability

The circle hollow composite decking owns the most solid structure: it provides a more balanced weight distribution.

Deck weight

Hollow decking uses less material and is, therefore, lighter, which makes it possible for one person to carry and install it. Solid decks are heavier and require more manpower to install.


Hollow decks are less difficult to install than solid decks if only one person is doing the installation.

Temperature fluctuations effect

Does WPC decking expand and contract? For more advice, please refer to the above article. Although wood-plastic composite decking has avoided many problems in the composition of raw materials, it still faces the influence of factors such as temperature and moisture.

There are problems with expansion and contraction due to temperature and moisture, but they are minor and recoverable. From this point of view, hollow decking has more space for expansion, so it is less affected by external environmental factors and is therefore much less likely to warp.

Where are they applicable?

Application of solid deck: Recommended for residential decking projects.

Applications of hollow decking: Both in residential & commercial decking projects. Hollow decking has better flexibility and is suitable for areas where there is likely to be a lot of foot traffic, such as outdoor bars, etc.

Hollow vs solid composite decking, which is better for you?

Both solid and hollow decking have their advantages and disadvantages, but regardless of the type, Unifloor, a leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier, offers quality products and services. With proper installation and maintenance, both will last for decades. Which deck is better for you will depend on your budget, location, and application.

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