5 Most Popular Composite Decking Boards Colors

Composite Decking Boards

Composite decking boards are a new choice for outdoor decoration. The rich color adds advantages to it. This article collects the 5 most popular colors for reference.

Unifloor provides 8 colors of decking in total. (customized colors are available too) Different types of products have different styles and patterns and differences in details, the fusion achieves different effects. Next, based on market data experience, we will introduce the most popular colors for each type of product.

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As for the traditional composite decking boards, wood, light gray, redwood, and chocolate colors are more popularly welcomed; When it comes to 3D embossing deck, light gray, cedar, gray, and wood are more popular; As for co-extrusion decking, light gray, redwood, wood, gray, coffee, and cedar are most popular.

Based on the comprehensive analysis of the above information, gray, light gray, redwood, cedar, and wood are the 5 most popular composite decking boards colors. No matter what type of product it is, it is liked by more customers.

Gray composite decking boards

Compared with other colors, gray is the one with the most sense of modernity. Besides, it does not absorb as much heat in summer as dark-colored flooring. It is also a practical color. It will not show the dirt or reflect too much glare. It can inform a beautiful contrast against walls.

Light gray

The light gray decking is widely welcomed as an outdoor decoration. It is most related to the sense of modernity. Light gray is especially famous for its Scandinavian stylistic layout. If you love the Scandinavian style, light gray will be your absolutely ideal decision.


Similar to other dark deck colors, redwood should be paired with light colors to accentuate its beautiful ruby undertones. Compared with other materials, capped composite deck boards from Unifloor have the strongest performance in anti-fading. So there is no need to worry about the beautiful colors fading quickly.


Cedar is also one of the most popular flooring colors, it is suitable for any outdoor places such as gardens. In general, you can hardly get the wrong effect. On a hot summer day, the color of cedar is not too dark, so don’t worry about absorbing too much heat. It can also add color to a warm and comfortable winter night.


Wood is one of the most classic, natural, and popular decking colors. No mattered it is applied in traditional, co-extruded, or embossed flooring, it can achieve timeless appeal. It can be used to create a clean and warm outdoor environment. It is an ideal choice for many families.

The above are the 5 most popular and widely used decking colors,  but it is recommended that you choose according to your own aesthetics and the preferences of your family. The choice based on your own aesthetics can bring you long-lasting joy.

When we are choosing colors for our decoration materials, in addition to our own color preferences, we must also consider other factors. Then, how to choose the most suitable color successfully? Let’s check out the following.

The first thing is the grasp of color coordination. The second is matching the color of the vegetation around your house. In addition, usually in direct sunlight, darker colors will retain more heat, so darker colors are not recommended for sunny areas. The third is to bravely try contrasting colors. The collisions between colors are often unexpected. The fourth is to apply samples in advance and observe carefully. Under different light conditions, observe from different angles to judge whether it meets your aesthetic needs.

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