Fitting Decking Balustrade With 10 Instructive Steps


Decking Balustrade

Decking balustrade is a favorable decoration for the appearance of a house, as well as a favorable guarantee for indoors and outdoors safety. Some basic knowledge and advice on how to fit balustrade to decking will be explained here.

A balustrade is a form of fencing, assembled by balusters, posts, top railing, bottom railing, posts caps, and other accessories which can be used indoors or outdoors. Commonly used in stairs, balconies, terraces, and porches. It can be composed of a variety of materials.

Commonly used types include glass balustrades, aluminum balustrades, strand wire balustrades, wrought iron balustrades, wooden balustrades, stainless steel balustrades, wood-plastic composite balustrades, and others.

When a glass balustrade is used in a swimming pool and its surroundings, it is easy to leave dirt and needs to be cleaned regularly. A wooden balustrade is often used indoors, if used outdoors, more careful maintenance is required. Compared with glass and wooden balustrades, wood plastic composite balustrade has a wider range of applications and can be easily used indoors and outdoors without additional maintenance.

Wrought iron balustrades must be sealed and coated regularly to prevent rust. Compared with wrought iron balustrades, composite balustrades are easier to maintain. The use of stainless steel materials has no maintenance troubles with a modern industrial style. Different from stainless steel balustrades, composite balustrades have a wooden texture and are more natural.


Each material has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. It is best to choose the one that better meets your needs and matches your house style.

Balustrade Kit

Unifloor composite decking balustrade provides a kit of accessories and instructions to facilitate your installation. The kits include WPC post supporter, WPC post, WPC cap, top rail, bottom rail, baluster, rail connection, end cover, post cap & skirt, screws.


Fix Steps

  1. Measure the length of the balustrade first, and calculate the equal distance between each post. Install the post supporters into the deck and fix them with screws.
  2. Make sure that the post support will not move during the installation process and keep it vertical.
  3. Slide the wood plastic composite posts down onto the post supporter. Drill 4 holes on the post to fix the post and the supporter.
  4. Cut a small piece of the end cover and slip it into the channel from the top to the bottom so that the rail can be set. Next, place the post skirt over the post straight down to the bottom.
  5.  Insert the rail connectors in either side.
  6.  Slide the end cover pieces into the channel of the bottom rail, and slide the connector into the channel. Before inserting the last one, make sure that the rail connector is firmly fixed in the rail. It is important that the connector is fully inserted.
  7. Slide the finished bottom rail into the channels in the posts, then whilst keeping horizontal slide down to the bottom until the rail rests fully on the end covers.
  8.  Follow the steps for the bottom rail to set the top rail. Position pieces of baluster to the connectors. Insert a long piece of end cover into the channel to each post. Then, slide the handrail into the post channels and take care to put each connector into its balustrade.
  9.  Slide a piece of end cover into the channel above the handrail and repeat on the other side.
  10. Add top caps to complete.

Maintain Requirements

The surface of the decking balustrade is wood-plastic composite material that has strong water and stain resistance, so it requires easy maintenance with jet cleaning or simple hose flushing. Regular cleaning is needed for longer-lasting beauty and lifespan.

Other Points to Mention

1. Tools you will need in this fix process:

  • Tape Measure, String Line and Spirit Level
  • Drill/Driver and Screw Driver
  • Fine Tooth Wood Saw or Power Saw
  • Hacksaw
  • Appropriate Screws

2. As for the height or other building requirements, please refer to related articles or consult local Planning Approval and Building Regulations.

3. Fitting decking balustrade under the guidance of professionals to ensure it can be installed and used correctly.

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