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composite decking stairs

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Wood plastic composite decking stairs are more durable with easier installation and maintenance. Install once, in exchange for longer-lasting use.

Wood-plastic composite decking (also called WPC decking) can be widely used, not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use, and it can also be built and installed as an outdoor stair. Compared with other materials, composite decking stairs has stronger durability, lower maintenance requirements, and fewer inherent cons with a wooden texture.

People who have not used composite decking for stairs before may do not know how to install composite decking on stairs and whether the installation process will be complicated. The following content can guide you on how to build stairs with composite decking correctly to ensure long-term use.

Building stairs with composite decking should be based on safety principles. Durable and safe stairs require care and skills to build. Here are some relevant structural elements.

  1. Stringers: These are the structural member in a stairway that supports the treads and risers on either side. A network of stringers forms the framework of a step. The spacing between stringers is usually 12 inches from center to center. At least four continuous stringers are needed to fasten your stair treads.

Some basics before installation

stair stringer

2. Treads: Whereas the surface on which a person’s whole foot makes contact is called the tread. It requires at least 10 inches to support steady footsteps, and 1 inch thick at least to wear the weight of someone walking on it.

tread riser nosing

3. Risers (also known as kick plates): A stair riser is a near-vertical element in a set of stairs, forming the space between one step and the next. As shown in the picture above. They make stairs a finished look and make stairs more stable rather than falling. They need to be 0.5 inches in thickness. When installing risers, use two screws per stringer.

4. Nosing: The horizontal edge of the stair is called the nosing. As shown in the picture above.

Prepared before installation



Bullnose composite decking board, recommended used for for stairs

When we look for reliable composite decking, we need to pay attention to the following aspects. Rigid board to avoid sagging; Specialized tread boards with enough depth and thickness; Capping to avoid moisture intrusion.

How to build composite decking on stairs

The specific installation steps are as follows.

Step 1 Stair Measurements

  • Measure the height of the stairs you want to set, and then measure the number and height of risers according to the formula. Divide the height by 7, and then round the result to the number of risers. The height divided by the number of risers is the actual height of each riser. For example, the height is 35 inches, divided by 7, 5 is the number of risers, divided by 5, 7 is the actual height of each riser. If you plan to use the deck itself as a riser, the number of risers needs to be reduced by one, that is, 4 risers are required in the example.
  • According to the total length of the treads, calculate the position of the end of the stairs. Measure the specific location and mark it, create footers, and set posts.

Step 2 Cut the Stringers

  • Set the gauge, one side is the length of the tread (at least 10 inches to ensure safety), and the other is the height of the calculated riser. In the example, it is 7. Mark on the board one by one and cut with a circular saw and then cut with a handsaw until the required quantity is met.
  • Cut the sides of the stringers connecting the deck and the ground into a vertical.
  • Use the first stringer as a template to cut other stringers.

Step 3 Connect the stringers, risers, and treads

  • Fix the stringers on one side to the deck and on the other side to the posts.
  • Place risers and fix each stringer with two screws.
  • Place the treads, and for safety and beauty, hangover risers and stringers according to the ratio.
  • Fix the fascia with screws for a complete, clean, and elegant appearance.

How to build stair railings

Stair railings can provide more protection, so if you need them, you can install one for your stairs. Stair railings are one of the trickiest parts of any deck project. Combined with accessories and installation instructions, the installation process can be made simple and easy to operate. Here are the instructions in detail.

  • Slide post sleeves over the posts.
  • Mark the position that matches the post, cut the connection between the bottom railing and the post, and install the bottom railings on both sides. Fix them to the post with accessories and screws.
  • Measure the inclination angle between the post and the bottom railing, cut the railing connection, install the accessories for connection, and install the railing.
  • Connect the top railing and post, and fix the two with accessories.

Safety attentions during the installation process

  • Wear a dust mask and eye protection when handling or cutting composite deck.
  • Wash your hands after working with decking.
  • Dispose of sawdust and waste according to local regulations.
  • After the railing is completed, please call your local construction department for a final inspection.

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