Best composite decking brand

Best Composite Decking Brand

Composite materials are one of the more popular materials in the decoration market today. Composite decking is one of the most widely used products, whether it is for interior or exterior decoration.

Among the many composite decking brands, which is the best composite decking brand? Here are a few high-quality composite decking brands for you. They either have a long history, a wide range of product types, price advantages, fade resistance, long warranties, or several advantages at the same time, making them a cost-effective decking choice.

Best composite decking brand Top 10


Fiberon was one of the early manufacturers of wood-plastic composite decking, starting in 1997. Fiberon has several lines of co-extruded composites, as well as other types of production lines. Its decking component composition is recycled wood and synthetic plastic PVC.

It offers a wide range of styles and colors and is priced in a reasonable range, from $15-$22 per square foot. It also has excellent UV protection and offers a lifetime warranty against fading and stains.


TimberTeck is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor building products, started in 1997. It offers 3 main decking product lines and uses deck cooling technology in the deck manufacturing process to keep decks cool during the hot summer months.


One of the leading manufacturers of wood plastic composite products. With over 10 years of manufacturing experience and a focus on product renewal, Unifloor offers a wide range of product types, including WPC products for other applications in addition to wood plastic composite decking.

The material composition is recycled wood chips and recyclable plastic, 100% recyclable. Unifloor offers 8 colors and can customize the colors to your specifications. In addition, the price advantage is one of the main advantages.

Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo offers composite decking made of recycled bamboo fiber and recycled plastic. Several series of products are available.


Envision manufactures decking and provides outdoor living solutions. It offers four series of decorative boards with realistic wood grain and deeply textured surfaces.


One of the early brands to produce wood-plastic composite decking, offering decks with over 90% recycled content and a 25-year warranty against fading.


MoistureShield provides you with a high-quality deck that is built to last. Based on the initial price alone, it is relatively expensive. But in the long run, the greater durability means longer life and a longer replacement cycle that is worth it.

Barrette Outdoor Living

Barrette Outdoor Living is an Ohio-based company that manufactures outdoor composite decking as well as other outdoor products. It offers two lines of wood-plastic composite decking products with a material composition of recycled hardwood fibers and plastic. The decks are manufactured without any toxic chemicals.

The deck is manufactured using specialized fade-resistant technology that allows the deck to retain its vivid color for a long period of time and is backed by a fade resistance warranty of up to 25 years. For the average deck manufacturer, color variations are not covered by the warranty. Barrette Outdoor Living does not have a large selection of deck types to choose from, but you can trust each one.


Deckorators’ composite decking is best suited for rainy and wet areas. Its decking is composed of minerals and mineral-based composite material. It will not swell, shrink or warp due to moisture and humidity.

Certain Teed

Certain Teed offers a lighter-weight composite hollow deck. Certain Teed produces a stain-resistant composite deck surface that requires little maintenance and no painting or harsh chemicals. It is cost-effective compared to other high-quality decking products.


There are many brands of composite decking, but the ones that meet the requirements of experience, variety of types, long-lasting colors, water resistance, durability, etc. are the best brands to trust.

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