How To Install Composite Fencing?

How To Install Composite Fencing

How to install composite fencing? The specific installation steps are different based on different fencing types. Compared with other types of fences, the installation of wood plastic composite fences is relatively easier and perfect to experience as a DIY project.

Does WPC fencing easy to install?

Aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, etc. require professional installation to ensure the fence is properly installed, safe, and for long-term use. Installing WPC fencing by yourself is such a thing that worthy of experiencing.

Does composite fencing worth the cost?

WPC fencing has many excellent features, some of which are introduced here.

Free maintenance

First of all, compared to the regular maintenance required for traditional wood fencing, including oiling, sealing, painting, etc., WPC fence does not require these follow-up maintenance procedures. Regular soap water cleaning is sufficient for WPC fences.

Multi colors

WPC fences are dyed during the manufacturing process, so the colors available are varied and many manufacturers can offer fence panels in a wide range of colors. In addition, Unifloor can customize the color for you, just let us know the color you need.

High wind load

Composite fence panels are highly wind-resistant, even in windy areas. Composite fence plates are one of the ideal fencing materials for windy areas.

Composite fencing in Unifloor

Unifloor is a WPC fencing manufacturer in China. We provide several series of composite products. You can get wholesale WPC fencing from the China WPC fencing factory.

How to install composite fencing

Here is an example of a black composite fence installed horizontally to introduce the basic steps of installation and some matters that need attention. For details, please check the installation diagram provided by us.

Tips before installation

1. Installation permission

Before installing the fence need to pay attention to whether the height of the fence needs to apply to the local part of the installation permit, 6ft below the fence does not need to apply.

2. Digging permission

Before you dig, please confirm the underground utilities with the local authorities.

3. Compliance with the regulate

Ensure your fencing compliance with the regulated size, type, etc. from the local zoning laws, and neighborhood associations prior to installation.

4. Make your fence map

Making a plan before you buy materials and excavate can help you minimize costs and avoid buying excess materials. Draw your fence on paper, then mark the location of the post holes in your yard.

Needed accessories

Aluminum/composite post

Post support(metal base)

WPC fence panel

Aluminum H-groove

Aluminum decorative sheet(multiple patterns to choose from)

Aluminum U-groove

Aluminum strip

Aluminum/composite cover

Post cap

Clip&screw (four per fence installation)

Installation steps

Step 1 Digging holes

Considering the stability of your fence, the hole size of each hole shall be larger than the aluminum post diameter by 1/2 and the depth shall be 1/3 or more of the height of the fence.

Step2 Fixing posts

Placing the post supporter/metal base into the hole, fixed with screws, and then the aluminum post is set into the square steel surface. Then pour concert into the hole to strengthen the post. Follow this procedure to fix two posts.

Step 3 Installing fence panels

Before installing the fence panel, place the bottom panel cover and then install the fence panel in sequence. Considering the subtle reaction of the material due to temperature change, it is recommended to leave a 4mm expansion gap between the fence panel and post.

Now, that a piece of screen fence is completed, repeat this procedure until you complete all the fencing area. Then it’s time to relax and enjoy.

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