Modern Composite Decking Ideas

Modern Composite Decking Ideas

Here is a display of modern composite decking ideas. When people start thinking about building outdoor recreational spaces in their yards, the high maintenance requirements of traditional wood decks and the high cost of hardwood decking among them are a deterrent for many homeowners.

A new and better option is now in the public eye and is quickly becoming one of the most popular decorative materials among homeowners. That is wood-plastic composite decking, also called WPC decking. Here will be a few scenarios where wood plastic composite decking is applicable, which we hope will inspire you.

This article will list some of the great modern composite decking ideas that are commonly used nowadays. Hope to help.

Solid composite decking for a hot tub

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A hot tub is a fun outdoor project, and Unifloor produces both solid and hollow wood composite decking. The hollow decking is for both commercial and residential use, while the solid decking is more recommended for residential use.

Solid decking has a higher load capacity, so if you are considering adding a hot tub to your outdoor area in the future, then solid wood composite decking is the ideal decking for a hot tub. When filling the hot tub with water and people to get a total weight, as long as this weight is within the range of what the solid deck can handle, then you can be sure that both the tub and the deck will last a long time and be safe to use.

Capped composite decking for poolside

Water Decking

The outdoor pool is a great place to be on a hot summer day. The deck around the pool is also an important and necessary decoration. For pool decks that are exposed to water for long periods of time, slip resistance is a priority and it is important to ensure that the deck does not become slippery when wet.

Therefore, when choosing a deck, slip resistance is the first feature to be considered. Co-extruded WPC decking uses the most advanced co-extrusion technology and is the best performing type of wood-plastic composite decking series, with the best waterproof and anti-slip effect. It is most suitable for use around swimming pools and other water areas.

Two-color co-extruded WPC decking

Two Colors Capped Composite Decking

The two-color co-extruded wood-plastic composite decking has two colors on both sides of the deck. When installing, homeowners can choose one side or take turns using the two colors for pattern splicing according to their preferences to present a unique decorative effect. Create a unique outdoor space.

Composite balustrade

Composite Balustrade

The composite balustrade on the deck is also made of wood-plastic composite panels. It has both wood-plastic composite posts and aluminum posts. The balustrade on the deck is necessary not only for safety but also for aesthetics. Please refer to the balustrade height standard. This pairing builds an independent and complete unified space. It enhances the beauty of the house and increases the added value of the building. It is a practical and beautiful design.

Light grey decking for modernity

Grey Decking

Unifloor offers users a wide choice of colors and patterns. The wood-plastic composite decking has the same patterns and colors as traditional wood decking, gradually moving closer to traditional wood in terms of visual effect and improving in terms of performance. One of the most modern deck colors is gray, which allows for a minimalist, modern decorative style. To achieve the best results, when choosing a deck color, we need to color match the deck to the house and its surroundings.

Great modern composite decking ideas

Wood-plastic composite is a new material with unlimited possibilities. There are many different types of products that can be used for outdoor decoration and Unifloor is constantly striving to better advise its customers on outdoor decoration. We look forward to making your time outdoors more exciting with Unifloor products. Unifloor is the leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier in China. If you want more great modern composite decking ideas, please contact us freely.

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