How To Install The Adjustable Decking Pedestal?

Decking Pedestal

Decking pedestal is a common support application. It’s easy to install a decking pedestal.

What is an adjustable decking pedestal?

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It can also be called a plastic pedestal, joist support, basement, decking riser, decking support, etc. Decking pedestal can be used with any surface material: shingles, decking, stone, composite, or concrete. You can apply them when you are planning to install outdoor decking or tile.

The use of deck bases allows you to build on uneven surfaces without having to build expensive framing. With a deck base, you can adjust wood, tile, wood-plastic composite decking, etc. to different levels. It is a lightweight and cost-effective solution.

The decking pedestal contains the base, raised base, height raised part, head, raised head, joist cradle, fix collar, pads, and non-slip shim.

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Benefits of building a decking support

Regardless of the type of deck, you choose to build, wood or a wood-plastic composite, it is an important decision to place the deck on a frame and support it off the ground with an adjustable base. This protects the deck from moisture. It also avoids the need to build a concrete foundation.

Features of decking pedestal

Instead of building columns, the decking pedestal can easily achieve the effect of raising the height of the bottom. The adjustable deck pedestal allows for height adjustment. Decking pedestals have the following main features: versatility, variety, ease of use, durability, etc.


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Many people use bases to install decks on roofs, balconies, and concrete patios to create beautiful living spaces. It is a good way to use space for uneven areas such as sloping roofs. It can also be laid on top of surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, and grass.

Variety of models

Decking supports are available in a wide range of models and heights. Unifloor is a composite decking manufacturer and supplier, it provides you with WPC products and all accessories. Unifloor offers a wide range of heights, from 18mm to 200mm relative to each other. Adjustable height differences range from 10mm to 80mm.

Easy to use

The deck risers are very easy to install and use, and the specific content will be described in the next section.

Durable and long-lasting

Unifloor provides a very durable base with very high compressive strength and load-bearing capacity. In addition, it has been tested for water resistance, fire resistance, UV resistance, and oxidation resistance.

Weather Resistant

The material composition of the deck base is 90% PP and 10% additive. The PP material of the deck base is frost and heat resistant. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from -40℃ to 60℃. It is also suitable for chemical cleaning solutions.

Steps to install the deck on the basement

Prepare the ground

The adjustable deck base can be laid on any type of surface. The most important thing is to make sure that the floor is stable and that the floor does not shift easily. If necessary, the deck base can be fixed to the ground.

Decking support height

The height of the deck base depends on your needs. It is recommended to keep at least a 10cm distance between the ground and the deck to ensure sufficient ventilation at the bottom of the deck.

Placement of deck bases

The spacing between the deck bases depends on the thickness of the top plate and also on the joists below. A proper distance between the joists facilitates the weight distribution of the deck. Please place the deck bases at the correct spacing according to the recommendations provided by the supplier. When placing, a small slope of 2% is recommended to facilitate drainage.

Lay the joists

Fix the joists to the decking pedestals.

Lay the WPC deck

Keep the WPC deck at 90 degrees to the joists for installation until the final installation of the edge trim panels.


The deck base is a supportive application. It is easy to use and sturdy. Long-lasting applications can be achieved with durable wood-plastic composite decking.

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