Top 8 Benefits Of Composite Fencing

Benefits Of Composite Fencing

What are the benefits of composite fencing? 8 benefits are introduced here for your reference.

If you are planning a new fencing project for your yard and are choosing the most suitable one from various materials, then this article is right for you. It will give you details on the features of wood plastic composite fencing and what wood plastic composite fencing will bring to your yard.

Composite fencing is an increasingly popular outdoor decorative item for homeowners. This is because, compared to fences made of other materials, wood plastic composite fencing offers a wider range of advantages. What makes a WPC composite fence good value for money? The next section will introduce you to a few benefits of installing a wood-plastic composite fence.

Where to buy composite fencing?

Unifloor is a leading composite fencing manufacturer in China, you will get wholesale composite fencing from China composite fencing factory. We offer composite products for both residential and commercial projects. View more on our WPC fence screen series. If you need more information, you can also contact us via online customer service or inquiry or email, we are ready to help you.

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Benefits of composite fencing

Outdoor decorative products are always exposed to the outside environment, so it is important to consider the performance of the material in the environment, including the durability of the material, weather resistance, wind resistance, water resistance, and the ease of maintenance all factors to consider. The superiority of wood plastic composite material itself can avoid these problems that bother you.

Durable & dense

The wood in the composite fencing material retains the natural and authentic look of the fence, and the plastic reinforces the strength of the fence. It has an expected service life of over 20 years, far exceeding the average service life of a wood fence.

Appealing visual effect

Unifloor can provide fencing sets, composite slatted fence panels, and wood-plastic composite decorative boards in 8 standard colors. The wood-plastic composite fence panels have strong color retention and bright colors that last for years. It becomes a durable and stylish addition to your garden.

Easy Maintenance

Composite fencing doesn’t need extra maintenance like staining or painting. Normally, a broom, soft brush, cleanser water, and warm water are everything necessary to finish the cleaning. For composite fencing, cleaning 1-2 times each year will safeguard their appearance.

Eco-friendly components

The wood-plastic composite itself is made up of recycled components, the exact ratio of which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unifloor’s wood plastic composite fence panels are composed of 60% recycled wood fibers and 30% Grade A recyclable HDPE, and Unifloor continues to provide recycled green products to customers everywhere.

Added house value

Outdoor decorative projects such as fencing as part of the house will also add value to your house.

Protection of Privacy and Security

In addition to the function of security for property and personal safety, another important function of the fence is privacy protection. The fencing is a hindrance between you and the outside world, making a space for yourself as well as your family to move without stressing over the eyes of passersby.

High wind resistance

What are the best fence panels for windy areas? Composite decorative boards and slatted fence panels are widely applied in windy areas. In addition, the stability of a fence can be greatly enhanced by securing the fence posts with concrete. Unifloor’s wood-plastic composite fencing can withstand strong winds and storms without the need to regularly replace wind-damaged panels.

Strong water resistance

Wood-plastic composite fence panels and aluminum posts and other accessories have a low water absorption rate, which can effectively avoid problems such as decay, rust, or warping.


Wood-plastic composite is an impeccable outdoor decorating material. Wood-plastic composite fencing is the next mainstream fence type for outdoor decoration. It is easy to install and keep up with. It is a practical choice for garden embellishment. So, ready to install a durable and hassle-free fencing project for your yard?

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