What Is Acoustic Fencing?

Acoustic Fencing

What is acoustic fencing?

Acoustic fencing is a kind of noise barrier to reduce noise pollution from the external environment. We have developed a series of composite soundproof fencing that can effectively reduce the noise entering people’s ears.

Do you need acoustic fencing?

People are inevitably surrounded by noise and may suffer from road noise from airports, railroads, and highways, mechanical noise, and other yard noise. Noise can interfere with the enjoyment of outdoor activities for you and your family. If outside noise is bothering you, then you need to find ways to control the noise in your space, restore your peace of mind, and make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable for your family and guests. So what steps can you take to reduce noise?

How to soundproof your yard?

There are several effective measures you may take to soundproof your yard. You may consider using soundproof panels, shrubs and hedges, water features, and brick walls to reduce unwanted external noise. Let’s find out how these methods help.

Soundproof panels

The more enclosed an area is, the easier it is to control the sound in the area. Building a fence is a good way to isolate sound transmission. This is to prevent interruptions with neighbors. Soundproof fence panels absorb and reflect noise, what are the best fences to block noise? There are three types of fences to choose from, composite fencing, wood fences, and PVC fences.

What kind of acoustic fencing panels does Unifloor offer?

1. Beautiful looking

We offer various heights of acoustic fencing panels and a variety of attractive designs to choose from.

2. Sturdy

Soundproof fencing in Unifloor is solid and weather-resistance, it is suitable for outdoor use.

3. Low carbon

The composite soundproof fencing panels offered by Unifloor are made of wood-plastic composites. WPC fence is fully recyclable and has a low carbon footprint, contributing to the sustainability of fencing projects.

4. Sound absorption

In addition to the aesthetic effect, it is also effective in blocking sound. Sound absorption or noise reduction is one of the key features of soundproof fencing. The structure of the material is designed to absorb sound, in addition to being thicker and less space, thus “eliminating” noise and creating a calmer environment.

5. Maintenance-free

In addition to the aesthetic and acoustic effects, our acoustic fencing is also easy to clean and maintain.

In addition to composite acoustic fencing, wooden fences and PVC fences can also be effective to prevent your yard from external noises. Red cedar fencing is a great sound barrier, especially when built as a privacy barrier. A thick tongue-and-groove board is good to absorb noise. PVC fencing is another option that is a little easier to maintain and care for than wood fencing, and noise-reducing PVC fencing can be effective at blocking sound waves.

Shrubs and hedges

Plants are often good sound absorbers and can also provide a degree of visual privacy. They look pleasing to the eye and are good for the environment.

Water features

A beautiful fountain or other similar water features can have a relaxing effect on the mind by creating some white noise to drown out other noises around it.

Brick walls

Brick walls are good at blocking sound because of the high density of the bricks. Sound waves do not easily penetrate brick walls.


A good acoustic fence equals a more comfortable living space. Generally speaking, the higher the acoustic fence is built, the better the sound insulation will be. It is important to note that permits are required for fences over 6ft in height, but not for fences up to this height.

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