Is Composite Fencing Expensive?

Wpc Composite Fence

Is composite fencing expensive? The answer is that the initial price of WPC composite fencing is relatively high, but it will bring you lasting benefits.

When you realize that your yard needs a fence, you will immediately see that the types of fences you can choose are diverse, including composite fences, steel or aluminum fences, bamboo fences, chain link fences, eco-stone fences, farm fences, PVC fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, and wrought iron fences.

Is composite fencing expensive?

The commonly used fence types include chain link fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, composite fences, and metal fences. So what is the price and performance of these fences? For these two aspects, let’s make a simple comparison.

Let’s compare the initial price ranges of the following commonly used fencing materials.

$5-20 for the chain link fence

$10-40 for the vinyl fence

$15-45 for the wood fence

$25-37 for the composite fence

$26-34 for the metal fence

From the initial price of the fence material alone, the initial price of wood-plastic composite fences and metal fences is relatively high. After comparing the initial price of various materials, let’s look at how their performance.

A chain-link fence is affordable and requires little maintenance, but it is not the ideal choice if you want to achieve a more attractive look.

Vinyl fence is several times stronger and more flexible than regular wood fencing, but it is less environmentally friendly.

Of all the natural wood fencing materials, cedar is the most durable and popular. Unfortunately, cedar fences face rot problems.

Is composite fencing expensive? The WPC composite fencing has high durability, and low maintenance features, and is being chosen by more people because it is very cost-effective.

The metal fence has good durability, but the initial price is relatively high, and there is also the high difficulty of installation and rusting to consider.

How the composite fencing achieve lasting benefits?

After a comprehensive comparison it is not difficult to find the advantages of composite fencing, so how does composite fencing benefit you in the long run? The high-cost performance of wood plastic composite fencing is mainly reflected in two aspects, one aspect is that it is very durable and can keep a long time good performance, and the other aspect is its low maintenance.


WPC composite fence is very durable and can last for more than 20 years, which can avoid replacing fence panels during use due to insects, rot, and other problems.

Low maintenance

Although the initial price of wood plastic composite fencing is high, it does not have the cost of post-maintenance. Maintenance of wood plastic composite fences is relatively simple, which can save time, labor, and money costs.

What can you get from Unifloor?

Unifloor is a composite fencing supplier in China. We provide several series of composite products, including horizontal composite fence panels. You can get the wholesale best composite fencing from the China composite fence panels factory.

How to choose the fencing to match your needs?

How can I find the best product to meet my needs among the many fencing options? A combination of the following factors needs to be considered. Just adjust the priority of these factors according to your own inclination.

1. The performance of the product. The performance of the product can be a good indication of its durability.

2. Budget. By understanding the price range of various fencing materials in the market, in order to determine their budget range more reasonably.

3. Material characteristics. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, where the advantages and disadvantages are relative and are interchangeable. According to the needs of each person and different.

4. Aesthetic effect. In the premise of achieving the basic function of the fence, no one does not want an aesthetic fence.

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