What Is The Best Composite Fencing?

What Is The Best Composite Fencing

What is the best composite fencing? Let’s find out what features the best composite fencing has. This article will introduce the composition materials, benefits of components, performances, and available functions of the best composite fencing, and so on.

What is composite fencing made of?

Wood-plastic composite fencing is a mix of wood fiber and plastic, which is a recyclable fencing material. The raw materials of wood-plastic composite products are extracted from recyclable materials, not having to cut down trees to obtain raw materials. Wood-plastic composite fencing raw materials have natural pros.

The plastic component in the fence panel enhances both the strength of the fence and the resistance to rot and mildew of the fence panel. The wood fiber component in the fence panels maintains the texture and visual effect of the wood. Combined with some other advantages, it is gaining more popularity.

What is the best composite fencing look like in Unifloor

Unifloorchina best composite fencing factory, provides durable composite fencing for you. Let’s learn more about fencing. What is the best composite fencing should be?

Long service life

There are many factors that affect the service life of the fence, including the type of material, product quality, use of the environment, maintenance, etc. Specific fence service life has some conditionality and variability. Wood is most affected by climate, and in wet climates or other harsh weather, wood fences will only last a few years. Spruce can last for 4-7 years and pine can last for 5-12 years.

WPC fencing has a minimum life expectancy of 15-20 years and Unifloor can provide a warranty of up to 15 years. A wood-plastic composite fence will actually last much longer. It lasts far longer than wood fencing, which means it has a longer replacement cycle.


For coastal areas, compared to metal fences, wood-plastic composite fences do not have the problem of rusting and are the ideal fencing material.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance is a very attractive feature for outdoor decoration in any area, and Unifloor produces wood plastic composite fencing with a surface that is highly resistant to staining. To keep the fence looking good for a long time, an occasional warm water rinse is sufficient.

The functions of wood-plastic composite fence

The best wood plastic composite fence needs to be long-lasting and effective to perform the following functions.

Protection of privacy

A good fence can be effective in protecting privacy while achieving space planning. If you live on a busy street where it is difficult to avoid people coming and going, installing a fence is a good way to separate the view. You can move around freely without having to take into account the sight of others. Unifloor, the best composite fencing manufacturer in China, offers you multiple WPC privacy fence panelsWPC privacy fencing under 6 feet does not require a permit for installation.

Safety and security

A good fence should be solid and durable enough, the better the weather resistance of the fence, the wider the range of temperatures that can be adapted to, and the wider the area of application. A good fence should also be highly resistant to stains, wind, water, and fire. Be durable enough when exposed to UV rays or other environmental factors (e.g. insects, mold).

Decorative function

A non-negligible role of outdoor decoration is beautification. A good wood-plastic composite fence should enhance the aesthetic effect of the building while ensuring safety and privacy. It plays a role in manifesting personality, creating an atmosphere, and enhancing taste.

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