How Long Does Composite Fencing Last?

How Long Does Composite Fencing Last 1

How long does composite fencing last?

How long does composite fencing last? Composite fencing is made of durable WPC material, with an average service life of over 20 years. The specific service life is affected by various factors.

Why composite fencing?

With the abundance of types of fencing materials available, you may be overwhelmed by the many choices. When you are comparing various materials, it is important to consider longevity. Composite fencing, made up of recycled plastic and wood fibers, has come into the picture with high performance and durability. And it’s easy to maintain, staying in good condition for years in a variety of different environments.

Even though it has a high initial cost, it can benefit people for a long time at the same time. As a result, many people are considering choosing WPC fencing and other WPC products to decorate their outdoor spaces. In addition to adding security and privacy, choosing the right fence can increase the value of your home. Want to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your fence? Then a composite fence is an ideal choice for you. It could be a lifetime investment for your home.

Affecting factors of fencing durability

Raw materials

There are various types of raw materials that can be made into fences, including wood, wood-plastic composite (a mixture of wood and plastic), plastic, metal, etc. The strength and weather resistance of the raw material directly determines the strength and weather resistance of the fence. The strength of WPC fence panels is higher than that of wood panels. Here are the 4 strongest materials recommended for you: composite fencing, vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, and wrought iron fencing. Regarding weather resistance, wood-plastic composite fencing can better withstand years of sun, wind, snow, and other weather.

Surrounding environment

Climate factors including ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and other factors will have an impact on some outdoor decorative materials. For example, wood fences need to consider the impact of moisture, insect problems, etc. And metal fences need to consider the moisture factor caused by rusting problems.

Product quality

The quality of each board is critical, which determines the overall quality of the fence.


Different manufacturers supply different products with different qualities and durability.

What will you get in Unifloor?

Unifloor is a composite fencing supplier in China. We provide several series of composite products. You can get wholesale composite fencing from the China composite fencing factory.

Long Warranty

The length of a product’s warranty is an important benchmark for judging its longevity. 15 years of warranty from Unifloor means a longer guarantee on the life of your wood plastic composite fence. And the actual lifespan of a wood plastic composite fence will usually exceed that time. It will provide you with the same protective and decorative effect as always before you get tired of it.

Multiple patterns

Unifloor provides several fence series, including the screen fences, fence panels, and decorative fence boards. They can be designed in 8 colors or customized colors.

How to extend the service life of composite fencing?

The maintenance procedure of the WPC fence is very simple and is considered one of the lowest maintenance fence types.

1. Clean leaves and debris from the bottom of the fence: leaves and debris tend to cause problems such as mold and mildew eventually affecting the fence panels.

2. Regularly inspection: perform a quick inspection a few times a year to ensure the fence is in good condition.

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