Which Composite Decking Is Best?

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There are a variety of composite decking boards on the market, different WPC decking brands also have different styles, and different styles of decking composites also have different surface treatments and colors. So what is the best composite decking for your project.

Composite Decking 1

First of all, let’s understand the concept of deck WPC. It is made of plastic and wood flour through high-speed mixing and granulation. It combines the dual characteristics of PE and wood flour.

So how to choose the best composite decking:

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  1. Price Best

When it comes to price issues, the price of decking composite is generally lower than timber. Whether it is an early investment or later maintenance, a WPC deck is better than timber decking. So among the many types of composite decking boards, which composite decking type with the best price:

Square Hollow composite decking

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  1. WPC hollow decking is also called plastic wood hollow decking.

    WPC hollow decking board can be used for general purposes in gardens, swimming pools, parks, patios, walkways, pontoons, etc. However, it should be noted that if it is used in heavy-duty places, such as places with high traffic flow, it may cause cavity cracks. For these purposes, solid composite decking is recommended instead.

    For composite decking advantages:

    Long-lasting: The composite decking board is made of plastic and wood, making it last longer in any climate.

    Safety: The plastic-wood combination decking makes it non-slip and shatter-resistant.

    Low Maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance are easy. No need to stain, sand or force wash like wood decks.

    Cost: Low cost and requires no expensive maintenance or replacement.

    Aesthetics: There are many colors, you can choose different solid wood effects, natural and vivid surface performance

    Regular dimensions for hollow decking boards:

    135*25 150*25

    140*23 146*22

    140*25 140*35

    145*25 140*40

    146*31 150*30mm

    Here is the recommended hollow decking:

    US150H25mm WPC hollow decking& US146H24 WPC hollow decking

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Wpc Decking 4
  1. length: 2.2/2.8/2.9/3/3.66/4/5.4m or customized

    Material: 30%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)+ 60% Wood fiber component + 10% chemical additives

    color: Cedar, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, grey, light gray, redwood, wood or customized

    Application: Garden,Pool,Park,Balcony,Patio…etc…

    MOQ:300M2 per design & color

    Accessories: Joist,wrap strip,screw,pedestal,clip

    Service life: 25 years,

    Dimensional Stabilitycertificates: FSC, CE, ISO 90012008, SGS

    Maintenance: Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance

    Packaging: We use PE film and wood pallets & panels to package

    In addition to the cost factor, hollow composite decking has one more advantage:

    1: Very lightweight: a hollow decking is one-third lighter than a solid board. Therefore, for shipping containers, the same container can carry more hollow decking, which will be more in line with low budget costs under an expensive shipping environment. And the low-weight board is more convenient and easier to install.

    2: Excellent alternative board: If you have a foundation and don’t want to replace the strong joists, hollow decking is also a good choice because they are lightweight and don’t put more burden on the original foundation.

    But hollow composite boards are less resistant to shock – so if you put heavy objects on the hollow composite panel, it may dent more easily. And the hollow decking needs to follow the edge cover at the end because the hollow floor will be more prone to water accumulation than another decking.

Balance Best

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  1. As hollow decking types, round-hole hollow decking board and square-hole hollow decking are economical choices. Compared with solid decking and second-generation (Co-extrusion decking), the prices are very advantageous.

    At the same time, the load-bearing capacity of a hollow decking with a round hole is much better than square hollow decking, because the physical structure is different. Therefore, for those projects that require load-bearing requirements, the round hollow decking will be more suitable.

    3. Quality Best

    For the best quality decking, we recommend solid decking as well as capped composite decking.

Solid WPC Decking
WPC Solid Embossed Decking

Let’s analyze the solid composite decking first. The solid decking board has the heaviest weight in meters. Because of the solid structure, this decking board is suitable for almost all outdoor scenes, including places with high traffic flow. A solid decking with sufficient thickness can also meet all the demands.

But the disadvantage is also relative. The cost of solid decking will be much more expensive than a hollow decking board, which will cause inconvenience to ship and installation. The requirements for the foundation will also be high, and a solid and stable foundation is required to undertake the laying of solid decking boards.

The second-generation composite decking also named co-extrusion decking or capped composite decking, is a premium decking board with PE wrapping technology, which increases the protection, especially in harsh outdoor environments, it has a longer life than traditional composite decking. But the price will also be higher than the traditional decking floor of the same style.

So this best composite decking is used for different standards, if you have any project demand, you can send the requirements and project details to us, then we can recommend the related best decking.

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