Why Choose Composite Deck Tiles

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Composite deck tiles are stunning choices to transform your outdoor space at once. With Unifloor composite deck tiles, it’s simple to build a relaxing and pleasant outdoor area to enjoy the fresh outdoor air. Composite deck tiles are easy to install, you can install these tiles on your own without specialist tools or skills.

In this article, we explore composite deck tiles in detail, including definitions, popular applications, and advantages of composite deck tiles. Through the article, customers will have a better understanding of the products.

Composite Decking Tiles On Grass 2
Composite Decking Tiles On Grass

What are Composite Deck Tiles?

Composite deck tiles are also known as interlocking composite deck tiles because these tiles are made from recycled wood fiber and interlocking base structures. Fabricated from synthetic material, composite deck tiles are highly resistant to split, scratch, tear, wear, crack, and warp. Since interlocking composite deck tiles look like square wood tiles, they can be installed on the surfaces with ease.

Unifloor composite deck tiles are available in various stylish colors and appealing appearances. These tiles are 100% recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly, which reflects the idea that humans and nature live harmoniously on the beautiful Earth.

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Interlocking Composite Decking Tiles

Applications of Composite Deck Tiles

  • Suitable for residential and commercial situations
  • Widely used for terraces, balconies, gardens, backyards, walkways, swimming pool areas, etc
  • Widely used for boutiques, coffee shops, hotels, shopping malls, playgrounds, etc
Garden Composite Decking Tiles
Garden Composite Decking Tiles
Balcony Composite Decking Tiles 1
Balcony Composite Decking Tiles

Pros of Composite Deck Tiles

  • Ease of Installation. Our easy-to-install composite deck tiles feature interlocking structures that are easy to put together without screws or adhesives. You don’t need to hire a professional specialist to lay these tiles, which will reduce your cost of assembly.
  • Natural Look. Unifloor composite deck tiles are endowed with natural timber appearance to blend in the outdoor environment.
  • Minimum Maintenance. Interlocking composite deck tiles are easy to maintain. These tiles are anti-tear, anti-rot, anti-splinter, anti-fade, and anti-age.
Composite Decking Tiles On Grass 1
Composite Decking Tiles On Grass

Recommended Specification of Composite Decking Tiles

Dt300sts – Square Decking Tiles Wood
Cedar Composite Decking Tiles
Dt300stm Square Decking Tiles Grey
Grey Composite Decking Tiles
Co300m Square Decking Tiles Capped
Square Composite Decking Tiles
Co300w Co300m Square Decking Tiles Capped
Gray&WhiteComposite Decking Tiles

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